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What to do When Your Website Goes Viral

What an incredible week it’s been for my authority website. (If you don’t know what an authority website is, check out my FREE mini course) Last week I wrote about how Facebook increased my

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Hey Marketers, Stop Using Your Gut Instinct

How many times have you heard that you should rely on your gut instinct when marketing a product or service? In my opinion, this mantra has been repeated way too many times. Of course, the first time

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Why are web analytics important?

What is the history of web analytics? Before the idea of selling products on the Internet went mainstream, companies would use traditional marketing methods which usually meant bombarding consumers with

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Five weaknesses of Google Analytics

Google Analytics has been around for many years and in that time it has provided many individuals with reliable analytic data that they have come to depend on.  In fact, a study by indicates

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