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October 2019 Monthly Income Report

Another month down and amazingly, October was better than any other month I’ve ever had.At first glance it doesn’t seem like it was much better than September, but that isn’t necessarily correct.The

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September 2019 Monthly Income Report

This month was the best month I’ve ever had for my online business.To be completely honest with you, this was a pretty big surprise. Not only was September a short month with 30 days, but things didn’t

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August 2019 Monthly Income Report

To be completely honest with you, this month absolutely sucked.It was one of the most challenging months I’ve had with my online business and I’m astonished that my earnings are where they are considering

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July 2019 Monthly Income Report

Another month in the books and unfortunately, this one was a little bit of a step back.I’m not going to sit here and complain about making over $16,000 in a single month, but this month things did slow

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June 2019 Monthly Income Report

Another awesome month is in the books and June definitely didn’t disappoint.All in all, this was my second-highest revenue month of all time.Sure, I would’ve liked to have broken a record again, but

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May 2019 Monthly Income Report

What a month May was.By far my highest earning revenue (and profit) month on the books…ever. A lot of things contributed to that, which we’ll talk about in the report, but it was really a great

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April 2019 Monthly Income Report

April was was my highest profit month of my online business that I’ve ever had.This was especially awesome because it was a short month with only 30 days.It wasn’t my highest earning revenue month

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March 2019 Monthly Income Report

I’d have to say that March of 2019 was one of the most difficult months I’ve ever had with my online business.This isn’t because my revenue has been falling, this was actually my second-highest earning

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February 2019 Monthly Income Report

February wasn’t quite as good as January, but it’s still my second-best month ever and I’m really happy from an earnings perspective with all things considered. This month was pretty lucrative,

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January 2019 Monthly Income Report

January was a pretty awesome month and I was able to start 2019 right by having this be my best month ever for both revenue and income.I had some insanely high expenses of just over $5,500 for the month,

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