My Reply to Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker of 1-Day Business Breakthrough

My Reply to Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker of 1-Day Business Breakthrough


Before even beginning this blog post, I want to give my most sincere thank you to Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker for featuring me on their 1-Day Business Breakthrough podcast.

For those that don’t know, the 1-Day Business Breakthrough podcast allows online entrepreneurs like myself to call in and leave a message for Pat and Chris about a particular issue that we are currently struggling with in our online business.

From there, Pat and Chris will have a recorded discussion about what they feel the individual (in this case, it was me) should do and what things need to change in order to be successful.

These two are some of the best minds in the “creating online businesses” space and I respect them both so much, so it was great to be featured.

If you’re wondering how my episode went, I think that a tweet that I got from a new acquaintance sums it up pretty well. P.S. Thanks, for letting me know Ryan!

Ron 1 day business breakthrough
If you are interested in hearing the episode yourself, you can click here and look for “Hotseat #22 (Ron)”

In this blog post I will cover the following:

  • An update of where everything stands now (The question was submitted a few months back)
  • My replies to the feedback provided
  • What I will be doing moving forward

Where everything stands now

First off, let me reflect back and explain that when I left that voicemail I was literally in a complete panic.

I remember pacing back and forth and recording the message for Pat and Chris at least a dozen times trying to get it absolutely perfect.

However, a lot of things have changed since then.

I didn’t end up moving to Arizona. As much as I would’ve loved to soak up the sun all year round, I was born and raised in the Chicagoland area and was unable to leave my roots. In other words, I chickened out at the last minute and decided that it would be better to stay close to family and friends while I embarked on my entrepreneur journey and I want to say that it was probably one of the best decisions that I have made.

I’ve discovered in my short time of being an entrepreneur, that there really are a TON of ups and downs (Imagine that?!?! I heard it a million times…but didn’t believe it till I experienced it) and it’s always great to have loved ones near who will support you when you’re in one of your down phases.

For that I’m incredibly grateful and I want to sincerely thank my parents and friends for being there for me during this challenging pursuit.

In terms of how I am “getting by” as an entrepreneur, I’m incredibly busy and I’m blessed that my income hasn’t taken a downward spiral as I anticipated. When I decided to become an entrepreneur, I offered to be a Marketing consultant at my old employer as I didn’t want to leave them in a bad position. Luckily, they took me up on that.

In addition to that consulting job, I have a friend of mine who (unbeknownst to me) had been following my blog and asked me if I wanted to help out as a Marketing consultant for the new company that he works at. Obviously I took him up on that offer.

After that, I had an old coworker who does some internet security stuff contact me about running a Google Adwords paid search program for a client of his in Texas. I also decided to take him up on that opportunity.

If you’re wondering, as of now this is the only consulting income that I include on my income reports. I do this because although it isn’t passive income, it was a direct result of people following my website.

At the time of the recording I was losing money every month and my most recent income report shows that I made just over $1000 in April. If I didn’t have my website, I’m sure I never would’ve been contacted about any of this consulting work and would still be in the negative on my website.

If you recall in the podcast episode, Pat realized that I understood Internet Marketing from my posts and YouTube videos and suggested that I do consulting. Lucky for me, these opportunities fell into my lap but I don’t think I would’ve gotten them without my website.

My reply to the feedback provided

I’m going to use bullet points in this section of the blog post because I want to make sure that I respond to each suggestion that Pat and Chris had in the podcast episode.

  • Chris mentioned that it was very obvious I was a Pat Flynn fan and that my website was too similar to SmartPassiveIncome.

Reply: Guilty as charged.

When I originally created my website I modeled it very carefully after what Pat was doing because he has shown that his website design works so well. I did make a few tweaks here and there, but I figured it didn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel when designing my website and to base it off of a model that already proved itself.

I appreciated the fact that Pat mentioned how his first blog was designed so carefully after and it sounds like him and I have made the exact same mistake.

ACTION ITEM: I’m not going to drastically redesign my blog at this point, but I will figure out a solution for making it a little more unique (especially with the name tag, but Pat…I have to give you props on that, I love that idea).

  • Chris also mentioned I am stating I am an online business expert who helps people create and market their own businesses, but I haven’t truly proven I am an expert in this arena.

Reply: This is true and it also isn’t the first time that I’ve heard this criticism.

The reason why I went this route in the first place is because I knew that when I started my blog it would eventually be profitable. It may sound like I was far too confident, but realize that I have over seven years of Internet marketing experience in the corporate world and I am also a professor at four different colleges where I teach Internet marketing to students.

To sum it all up, I’m very confident in my abilities and feel strongly that I will figure this out. With that being said, I don’t think that everybody could follow this exact same model and feel like Chris brought up some great points.

ACTION ITEM: I will be changing the messaging on my website to focus more on letting my visitors know that they are following me on my journey while I create online businesses and they will learn different marketing tactics I use and mistakes I have along the way.

  • Chris and Pat both agreed that I should pivot from to a new website where I make a large amount of money and then use that as a case study.

Reply: As much as I agree with the points that Pat and Chris made, I disagree with this one.

Pat and Chris are saying that I need to establish a different online business before I portray myself as an online business expert.

While I agree with this point, I see the issue as a messaging problem and not necessarily that the website isn’t worth continuing and updating.

I would much rather be someone who is starting from the bottom with negative income reports as opposed to someone who posts a few thousand dollars of profit in the first month.

The reason for this is because I remember when I began researching this industry I noticed that very few bloggers talked about those beginning months which are definitely a struggle. I want my followers to be able to see me go from the negative earnings in my first income report, to eventually making over $10,000 per month from my website

On a daily basis I get people who have signed up for my newsletter thanking me for the great content that I provide and have the opportunity to answer numerous questions that I know have helped people out.

In essence, this website is kind of like an online journal of things I am trying to do to make money on the internet while I also write posts that help people with their own online businesses from my marketing experience until I figure things out.

For example, here are some of my more popular blog posts that I have written which were a result of my stream of consciousness while I embarked on my entrepreneur journey.

I’m focused on being very transparent and explaining many of the problems that I’ve had along the way because I know that eventually I’m going to get this all figured out.

Some may think that I already have it figured out because I’m pulling in money month after month with consulting, but my true goal of this website is to have a passive income lifestyle and I know I’ll get there eventually, but I want to document it all while I go through it.

One last thing that I think is important to mention is that I’m incredibly passionate about two things in life; Internet marketing and online businesses.  (I literally just smirked after I wrote that because it sounds so dorky.)

But really, I wish I could sit here and say that I have some sort of niche hobby, but this website truly is my hobby and what I really enjoy writing about.

Because of that, it makes it incredibly difficult for me to create some sort of niche website because I’m just not all that passionate about anything else other than what I write about here.

ACTION ITEM: I’m going to fix my messaging and make sure that it’s clear that people are following my journey and will learn along the way. I’m going to continue trying different methods of making money online.

By the way, if you’re new to my blog, please realize that I’ve already tried two online business ideas that haven’t work out too well.

The first was my failed YouTube experiment.

The second was my 90% outsourced Niche Website experiment. I actually still think this one has some potential, but I need to work on it more or get a content developer to write for me.

I’m presently in the process working on launching a course on Udemy that is about How to use Google Analytics to increase Udemy Course sales. While I’m not sure if it will succeed, I have high hopes that it will and will let everyone know if it doesn’t. If you have a course on Udemy, you may want to sign up as I’m offering an early bird discount of 75% for those who get in before my official launch.

What I will be doing moving forward

Pat and Chris, nothing but love for you guys as well, but I’m not going to completely follow your advice.

I really appreciate everything that you guys said and think that you pointed out some major flaws in the way that I’m doing things, but I put too much work into and it is already progressing into something much bigger than I could have ever imagined.

The things I will do are as follows:

  1. Change my messaging to better articulate what my website is about and what I do.
  2. Remove the nametag and be more original.
  3. Focus on creating content that is valuable to my audience. I recently blogged about how I screwed up and haven’t been listening to my fans and I will not fail them again.
  4. Try to focus my blog more on documenting my activities more carefully while I am working on them. For instance, I recently created an entire launch strategy for my newest Udemy course and didn’t write a post about it…yet.
  5. Punch Chris Ducker in the face when I finally get to meet him at a conference. (Totally kidding, Chris. Again, nothing but love and I REALLY appreciate the brutal honesty. Sugarcoating advice sucks.)

If you are interested in watching the changes that I make on my website due to this podcast and want to follow my online entrepreneur journey, please sign up for my newsletter. If you do, you’ll be happy to know that I never email more than twice per week and you’ll also get access to over 650 website images to use on your own website as well as a course that explains the basics of how to market your website on the internet.

So, what do you think? Should I just shut up and do exactly what Pat and Chris say? Or, should I go with the plan I have laid out in this post? Let me know in the comments below!

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Ray DelVecchio says May 13, 2015

I listened to the podcast – I agree with you about continuing the website. It looks nice, you’re definitely on the right track, you come across very personable and honest.

I do have to agree with them that the messaging and focus could be more clear. I think the idea of targeting one specific niche would be beneficial, as opposed to testing out internet marketing tricks for absolutely anyone. I also love the format of your income posts… totally agree that people want to see the process of building income, not just when you’ve made it.

However there is power to focused case studies and projects. If you started a side project on a very niche topic, then blogged about it here, that is the best of both worlds. Similar to what Pat has done with his niche sites.

That way your readers will become invested in that one project and follow along more closely.

That’s my $0.02 – but I’m of the belief you should keep it up here!!

    Ron Stefanski says May 14, 2015


    Your two cents is exactly what I was asking for and I genuinely appreciate the response. I think I have built this up too much to just make it a landing page and the fact that I am actually making income from it now shows how things have changed.

    I agree that the power is in the case studies and the projects and I am going to shift a little bit as I think I have some good ideas in mind. However, I am going to make sure I have the OHP community informed the entire time. Thanks again for the response!

Aida Bond says May 13, 2015

Hi Ron, I was intrigued by the voicemail you left and their responses to you. What I took away from it was to be flexible as an entrepreneur and help solve people’s problems. Now does that mean you need to do a lot of research and start a completely new site??? I am not sure at this time but I think that you are able to do so much with your current website AND help solve issues. With that said, I considered what they said about the name tag, the marketing pitch and I agreed that in this very competitive space we want to see your originality, not a duplicate of someone else. As for the income and building it further the truth is that it takes time and a lot of effort

    Ron Stefanski says May 14, 2015

    Agreed, Aida. It was because I built the website trying to be very similar to a model that works and I am glad that Chris called me out on that. I am going to make that adjustment and some messaging changes moving forward, but this website will continue to be great!

Aida Bond says May 13, 2015

And I wanted to add to my long comment that you are the type of person who is determined to succeed and you will find the key to making it all work for you!!!

    Ron Stefanski says May 14, 2015

    Not only am I determined, I sincerely think that the success is inevitable. That may sound a little conceited…but I won’t let it fail 🙂

Dennis Seymour says May 16, 2015

Looks like a good plan moving forward Ron!

It’s the first show that I’ve heard with something like that so it’s refreshing vs the usual episode flow. So thank you for making that interesting.

    Ron Stefanski says May 16, 2015

    Yea, It was a little more brutal than the others haha.

    I really did appreciate it though and candidly, that’s what my website was all about in the first place.

    It’ll be good to make those adjustments and change things a bit, I’m pumped!

Richard Martin says May 17, 2015

Hi Ron, I just listened to the podcast.

I think most of the advice was sound (I guess it was always going to be from those two heavyweights), but one part was DEFINITELY not sound – no way should you close down OHP. I was really shocked to hear that – and dare I say it – but that was probably the worst piece of advice I have ever heard. Ever. I don’t know what he was thinking.

As far as I am concerned, your site offers absolute value the way it is. For a newbie coming here, you definitely teach some good stuff through your posts and videos. To close it down and put a coming soon page up would be suicide – I just can’t get my head around that.

As for the other advice about uniqueness – now that depends on user experiences, doesn’t it? I have only visited Flynn’s site once or twice, and I can’t see the resemblance myself. I’ve just been across, and apart from the name badge, that’s as far as it goes for me?

Glad to see you have put an action plan in place. Good luck with your continued development – you are on the right track here Ron.

    Ron Stefanski says May 17, 2015

    Thank you, Richard!

    I agree with that point. I think the key is that this was over two months ago that I originally called in and my assumption is that Pat and Chris only look at the website for 5-10 minutes before making suggestions.

    As of now I am getting 5-10 email subscribers per day in addition to small but steady stream of traffic.

    I’m excited though because I already have a website idea in mind and will be documenting everything while I go through it. Should be a very interesting case study and one that other people (hopefully) enjoy.

David Hartshorne says May 18, 2015

Hi Ron,

I’ve not listened to the podcast, just read your notes. (i’m not a good podcast listener – no offence:-)
First up, I like your site. Its clean and organised logically; so it appeals to me. Perhaps others won’t like it, but you can’t please everyone all of of the time.

Now, I just had a quick look at SPI (because I hadn’t visited in a while) and I don’t see a whole of similarities, so I’m not sure what that point was all about.

And as for starting a new site – I don’t get that. I’m here to learn from you, and follow your journey about what works and what doesn’t, so if you don’t mind just keep it as it is!

Good luck with the new plan!
– David

    Ron Stefanski says May 19, 2015


    Thank you very much for letting me know your thoughts!

    I appreciate the kind words and although I understand what Pat and Chris were saying, like you, I don’t see a need to completely abandon this website at all.

    I am going to begin a new website, but I am going to document the entire creation of that website here.

    I think that they are just pointing out that I am not fully qualified to teaching about making money on the internet because I haven’t made a bunch myself, but I disagree with that point a little bit. Just because I haven’t made a ton doesn’t mean that I won’t eventually

      Gertrude Nonterah says May 20, 2015

      Aloha again Ron,

      Ah I see, so you did not move to AZ. I think your reasons are legit and I probably would have done the same thing.

      I love your point about readers being able to see you grow from negative earnings to actually making 10K with your blog. I love the idea and authenticity and I have no doubt that others will love it and become loyal fans because of it.

      Like David Hartshorne mentioned, I also don’t see the similarity between your blog and Pat’s except for maybe the nametag. That comment was weird to me too. But oh well, I guess perceptions are different.

      Keep up the great work !

        Ron Stefanski says May 21, 2015

        Thank you so much for commenting, Gertrude.

        Very glad to hear that you feel similarly and I’m also glad that you don’t think it’s too similar.

        I tried to base mine off of his, but I definitely made sure to put effort into differentiating it. Regardless, as I mentioned previously, I don’t intend on completely closing down OHP. I just have too much of a following and too much work put in at this point.

        How are things going with your website?

          Gertrude Nonterah says May 21, 2015

          Things are going well with my website too. Traffic picked up but could be better. People are engaging with me through my e-mail list. It’s fun actually.

          Being an entrepreneur definitely is NOT for the faint of heart but it is totally worth it !

          Ron Stefanski says May 21, 2015

          Couldn’t agree with you more and I am really glad to hear things are picking up for you! You’ve put in a lot of hard work and I think eventually both of us will be standing on top of the mountain 🙂

Dan Chapman says May 22, 2015

just got the chance to catch up with this episode and wow i guess that was tough to hear…! i hope you find success whichever path you choose!
at some point i really want to build a website/business that can facilitate one or many passive income streams but I started out over a year ago by launching my own niche retail store (online and bricks n mortar) and i think i still have too much groundwork and learning to do in this business before I can fully go down the route of selling an online marketing course for example.
i suppose in part im agreeing with pat and chris’ advice to get go and get a proven track record but at the same time – to a degree, there’s a formula that works and many ways of teaching it. if yours helps others and they’re happy with the results… well, you’ve provided the value you set out to deliver, right?!

all the best

    Ron Stefanski says May 26, 2015


    Thanks so much for the comment!

    Brick and Mortar is a totally different beast that I have never even tried to do, but I think you could really benefit by visiting one of my favorite podcasts over at

    Basically it is a guy who created an ecommerce store and focuses on ecommerce in his podcast. Really interesting interviews and I’m sure some of it will be helpful for you!

      Dan Chapman says May 26, 2015

      thanks, appreciate the heads up. i’ll check it out ron

        Ron Stefanski says May 27, 2015

        No problem, enjoy!

Rocky Kev says July 6, 2015

Hi Ron! I’m visiting your site from the podcast.

I skimmed your site, speedread through a few posts, read your about page, and I can understand why Pat/Chris didn’t feel confident in your skill. But reading this…

> …but realize that I have over seven years of Internet marketing experience in the corporate world and I am also a professor at four different colleges where I teach Internet marketing to students.

This should be on your front page! This is what validates you as someone who has some authority in the subject.

    Ron Stefanski says July 7, 2015

    Thank you so much for commenting! Yes, I am still trying to figure out how to update my homepage and the Nametag area of my blog. I’ve been so busy with my Authority Website Experiment that I haven’t been able to figure it out yet, but this is something I intend on using on the Homepage for sure! Thank you very much for commenting and the suggestion.

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