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Hello all, thank you for visiting the site today.  Today’s blog post is going to be focused on one thing, explaining to you why I’m changing for good.  Although some individuals may see this fundamental change as difficult to handle, I’m making this change because I think that it’s going to be better for my website visitors and make the website more useful.  You see, initially when I started it was mainly focused on teaching answers to specific internet marketing questions that are asked.  For instance someone might ask, “How do you create a Google Adwords account?”  Although I still intend on answering questions like this, my direction for the website is going to change and personally I think it’ll make much more of an impact.

Moving forward what I want to do is show individuals how to market their websites on the Internet, as well as how to make money on the Internet.  I am making this change because typically those two topics coincide with each other and I think that most people have this assumption that making money online is a scam.  Unfortunately in most cases, the websites that focus on making money on the Internet are a scam.  However, there are plenty of very legal and credible ways of making money online and I intend on showing them to you.

How is this going to change the way that works?

In a sense, all that I’m really going to be doing is adding more content to the website.  You see, when the website first started my goal was to give you numerous courses on a regular basis that explain topics related to Internet marketing.  I still intend on creating these courses, but in addition to creating these courses, I’m also going to be running experiments and showing you case studies explaining what I did, how I did it, and what the final result was.  The website will still have a membership model where individuals can help guide the courses that are made on a monthly basis, but I’m also going to begin creating other niche websites, tutorials, video quick tips, and other things to show how to make money online.

Has the professor ever made money online before?

At this point in time, I’ve made exactly $239.71 in the various websites that I own.  Some of this income has been made through Google AdSense, some has been made through a job search API, and some has been made from affiliate marketing.  However, in all cases it’s been on a very small scale and I want to begin to create websites that consistently deliver passive income to me on a monthly basis.  By “passive income”, I mean income that I receive with minimal effort.

Because I learned a very long time ago that it’s important to prove to people that you are actually doing what you say you do, below are some screenshots that show that I am making money on the Internet.  The intent of these screenshots is not to gloat or brag about my small successes, but instead to prove my words are valid.

The first screenshot is from Google AdSense showing that I’ve made $18.47.  The two websites that have contributed to this income are both and  I also want to mention that hasn’t had Google AdSense on the website in months, so earnings have slowed substantially.

Adsense Income

The second screenshot is from Commission ( and as I mention in the free Internet marketing course, is an affiliate marketing platform.  I’ve made $125.00 from this network.  Affiliate Marketing works by me promoting products that I have used (or sometimes just heard great things about) and getting a percentage of the sales price if someone buys it.  For example, if I promote a product that costs $100 and someone trusts me enough to buy it, then I may get a $70 commission for referring the customer. Income









The third screenshot that I have is from  This screenshot is related specifically to my website  Simply put, if somebody goes to that website, searches for a job and clicks the link to see a job, I will get paid a small commission.  The amount of money that I get paid is very minuscule (usually less than $.25 per view) but hey, money is money and when it happens consistently those numbers can add up.  So far I’ve made $46.24 from Income










The final commission that I’ve received is from  This particular commission is worth $50 once I fill out my tax form and take the payment.  You may also notice that I scribbled out the domain name, and that’s because I don’t want to disclose who it is that signed up for the hosting plan.  I got this commission by referring someone to HostGator for their website hosting platform.  In the past I have recommended Godaddy to my website followers, but I am beginning to realize that HostGator is the better option.  I haven’t been able to transfer the website over to HostGator yet, but that will happen with the redesign. Income


What kind of changes can visitors expect? is now going to be a two-pronged approach.  First, I will still use my old business model of creating courses on a monthly basis that are determined by my members which will still cost $19.99 a month.  Second, and this is where the big change comes in, I’m going to incorporate many different things into the website that I think will be more engaging and more helpful for my website visitors.  Below is an explanation of those three things.

The first thing is going to be a major redesign to the entire website.  Although the current website has some good elements on it, I think there is substantial room for improvement.  The final redesign hasn’t been completed yet, and this is still a work in progress, but as a small teaser of what the website is going to look like I wanted to show you the new version of home page.

Homepage image



















Second, I’m going to have a series of video quick tips.  These quick tips will be beneficial in that they will teach various “tricks of the trade” that I use to complete Internet marketing tasks and other things that I do on a regular basis.  One of the first quick tips that I completed talks about understanding speech to text software.  This was my first attempt at a video and quite frankly I’m not happy with it, but it’s a start to something that should be very beneficial.  The idea is to create many different short videos that are between 5 to 10 minutes in length which someone can view at any given time to understand a quick helpful tip.  These videos will be free to view for all visitors to the website and should yield some great information.

Third, and this is something that I’m very excited about, I’m going to include a page which lists all of the tools that I use for Internet marketing purposes.  In addition to that, I’m going to also include income reports of the website.  I’m doing this in an effort to stay completely transparent and show website visitors that it is possible to make money on the Internet.  It should be noted, all of these income reports are going to outline the specific revenue sources.  Meaning, all of the income which I receive from monthly memberships is going to be separated from income I receive by other means such as YouTube videos, niche websites, affiliate products, advertising, etc.  This should show that it is possible to create a SMALL website that can still generate some nice side income for you.

So there you have it, that’s what is going to be happening with in the future.  You’ll have to excuse my absence from the blog at this time, I’m very busy with getting redesigned and fine tuning my very first niche website,  I intend on focusing more on when the redesign is complete, but for now I’m going to work on my niche website and help guide my developer in completing this redesign.

Now that you understand how is going to change, my experience with making money online, and the changes that you can expect on the website, what do you think of the plan?  Do you think there’s anything else I should include on the website?  I sincerely appreciate any feedback you give me.  The purpose of my website is, and always has been, to help you become a better marketer.  I really think by going with this two pronged approach I will be able to show you a ton of great information that will be helpful.  If you have anything to say, please leave it in the comments below so that I can respond appropriately.  Thanks!

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