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Welcome to One Hour Professor

Welcome to One Hour Professor (OHP).  This website has been in demand for quite some time and after months of planning and development, it is my pleasure to bring it to you.  This blog will focus on the Internet Marketing industry and all of the different internet marketing mediums that are most effective for the individuals and small businesses that need them.  Internet Marketing Strategies such as:

  •  Affiliate Marketing
  • Paid Search (Also known as PPC)
  • Professional Networking using digital resources
  • Search Engine Optimization (Also known as SEO)
  • Social Media & More

It took me years to acquire the knowledge that I have and after all of that time I realized one thing, there is way too much nonsense in the Internet Marketing  industry.  Running a Paid Search (PPC) program isn’t rocket science, but all too often people are scared to try it themselves because it seems difficult to understand.  The truth is, yes….there is a learning curve, but it isn’t as steep as everyone makes it seem.

My inspiration for this website came after hundreds of students have come through my classes and at the end of each class they inevitably ask; “Professor, where can I learn more?”  For the longest time my response was for them to go and research on the internet and I sent them on their way.  Then, one day it occurred to me, why don’t I provide a resource for my students and anyone else who wants to learn internet marketing?    So many times I have been complimented on my way to easily disseminate difficult information.  With that, One Hour Professor was born.  At this point in time, my approach will be to create materials around internet marketing, but in the future I am sure that more things will be added.  It should be noted that in various areas of the website and on emails I will include links to products that I have used.  Some of these links are from affiliates which means that I will get paid if you purchase the products.  Other links aren’t from affiliates and are just resources I want you to know about.  Regardless of the type of link, I have experience with the products I recommend and whether I get paid or not, the recommendation is sincere.

On a very sincere note, thank you for coming to the website and checking it out.  I’d love for you to tell me what you like and what you don’t like about us by dropping us a message in the contact area of our website.  As of right now, I am only guessing what you guys need, but your feedback is incredibly valuable and I am always willing to change things around to make the website exactly what you would like it to be.

-Professor Ron Stefanski

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