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September 15, 2021

best google adsense alternatives

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Google AdSense has been the world’s largest online ad platform since it started in 2003. It’s great for anyone who wants to monetize their website or blog with display ads. Not only that, a study by Emarketer found that in 2020 alone digital advertising spend reached $85 billion dollars.

If you’re here, you want a piece of the pie but realize Adsense may not be the solution.

Not only does Adsense NOT make the most revenue from display ads, but sometimes they’ll penalize you for invalid clicks. Trust me, I’ve lived through the dreaded “Your account is at risk of closure” phase with them and it was nothing short of horrifying.

The good news is, there are dozens of competing ad networks out there and many of them perform better than Adsense ever could.

The other good news is that you’ve found a true expert on the topic. I’ve personally made over $500,000 with display ads (see my income reports) and understand this area more than most.

When looking for the best Google Adsense alternatives, there’s no shortage of options. By the end of this post, you’ll understand which network is best based on my personal experience and more importantly, earning power.

1. Ezoic

A platform that uses A.I. to improve your revenue and performance.

Ezoic is a publisher-focused network with a wide range of powerful tools designed to help you maximize your revenue potential. 

For instance, the platform uses AI (artificial intelligence) to figure out the best ad placements. You also get a layout tester and website speed calculator, as well as a feature-rich analytics tool that offers you a ton of insight into how well the ads on your website are performing. 

The network is also very easy to integrate with your website and works perfectly with everything from Cloudflare CDN to WordPress, etc. 

If you have an issue getting started, Ezoic has an amazing customer support team on hand to answer your questions and help you get set up.

Pros and Cons: 


  • Great privacy and security features
  • Beginner-friendly user dashboard
  • Offers Google Amp converter for mobile websites
  • Works in-tandem with Google Ads to increase revenue using Artificial Intelligence by testing layouts
  • Advanced management and analytics tools
  • Low minimum payout of $20


  • Requires fine-tuning to reach full revenue potential

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $20
  • Payment Schedule: Net30
  • Payout Options: Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfers, Direct Bank Deposit, Check

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Maximize your ad monetization with one of the largest contextual ad networks. is yet another big name in the ad industry and a direct competitor of Google AdSense. 

The main focus of the network is on contextual ads designed to revolutionize your ad strategy. But, the platform also handles native ads and display ads. 

One of the best things about is that it provides several customization tools that allow you to change the overall color scheme and design to match your ad space. 

The network offers PPC (pay per click) advertising operated by the Bing/Yahoo network. There is also an extremely powerful dashboard designed to make it easy for you to keep track of your ad analytics.

Pros and Cons: 


  • The network pays monthly
  • Offers prompt customer support
  • Choose from a variety of flexible ad options
  • Massive pool of global advertisers
  • User-friendly analytics and management dashboard


  • Only works with web traffic from the US, Canada, and UK
  • The platform doesn’t update ad revenue in real-time
  • Visitors have to double-click ads
  • High payout threshold

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $1,000
  • Payment Schedule: Net30 payment schedule
  • Payout Options: Paypal, Wire Transfer

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3. Adsterra

A global ad network that helps advertisers and publishers get great results. 

Adsterra is a fast-growing advertising network that serves an impressively huge number of large brands. The platform offers innovative ad formats that are enough to give Google AdSense a run for its money. 

This is a well-respected brand in the online ad space, and it provides excellent solutions for both advertisers and publishers who are looking for a more effective AdSense alternative. 

The user-friendly platform makes it easy even for beginners to monetize their traffic and publishers receive a 100% fill rate, as well as the industry’s highest CPM. 

Furthermore, all ads go through Adsterra’s proprietary fraud detection system to ensure that your website is protected from malware. 

To use the platform, simply paste a piece of code on your website and you’ll be able to manage your campaigns on the user-friendly control panel. If you’re interested in learning more, I wrote a full Adsterra Review as well.

Pros and Cons: 


  • Adsterra covers over 248 countries
  • The network serves over 30 billion ad impressions each month
  • Publishers and advertisers get dedicated account managers
  • The platform has a wide variety of high-converting ads formats
  • Powerful in-house and 3rd-party fraud detection systems


  • High payout threshold for wire transfers
  • No chat support

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $5 (Paxum, ePayments, Webmoney), $100 (Paypal, Bitcoin, Tether), or $1,000 (Wire Transfer)
  • Payment Schedule: Two payments every 15 days
  • Payout Options: Paypal, Webmoney, Bitcoin, Paxum, ePayments

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4. AdThrive

A platform for maximizing your income for every pageview

AdThrive is the preferred ad network of many bloggers. The platform works closely with both publishers and advertisers to optimize ads and offer the best results. 

With an incredible 75% payout to publishers, it’s no wonder this is one of the best AdSense alternatives available right now. 

However, although this network has one of the highest payout percentages in the industry, it’s not ideal for newcomers due to its tough requirements. 

For instance, you need to have a minimum of 100,000 monthly visitors, the majority of which are from the US, before you can be eligible to join the network.

Pros and Cons: 


  • Highest display and video monetization
  • Advanced proprietary technology
  • Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP)
  • Get paid whether advertisers pay or not
  • White glove service and dedicated support


  • Challenging criteria for eligibility

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $25
  • Payment Schedule: Net45
  • Payout Options: Paypal, Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer

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5. Mediavine

An exclusive, full-service ad management platform ideal for all businesses. 

Mediavine is quite similar to AdThrive. However, joining this network requires a lot fewer visitors to your website (min. 50,000 monthly). 

This platform is particularly suited to long-form content blogs. Its ads are generally catered to those in the lifestyle niche. 

The network also has an amazing support team that is always available to provide prompt answers to your questions and solutions to any problems you may face. 

The platform, which was founded by content creators for content creators, makes it easier for publishers by doing all the heavy lifting so you can focus on the most important thing: creating amazing content.

Pros and Cons: 


  • Provides optimal user experience for maximum earnings
  • Has a 75% revenue share model as opposed to Google’s 68%
  • Ideal for bloggers in all lifestyle niches from finance to fitness, etc.
  • Top 20 Comscore property reaches +125 million unique visitors monthly
  • Best-in-class technology for brand safety and traffic quality
  • Round the clock support every day of the week


  • Requires 50,000 monthly sessions to apply
  • You have to grant the network exclusivity
  • You must commit to Mediavine for at least 3 months before quitting

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $25
  • Payment Schedule: Net65
  • Payout Options: Paypal, Domestic ACH, International ACH, Wire Transfer

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6. Monumetric

An ad platform founded by publishers and built on trust. 

Monumetric (previously known as “the Blogger Network”) is a blog-focused ad network. One thing that makes it different from most other networks is that it runs CPI (cost per impression) instead of CPC (cost per click). 

This is ideal for popular blogs with audiences that don’t convert as well as they could. 

With Monumetric, you get four different monetization tiers based on the monthly pageviews you have each month. 

In order to be considered to join the network, you need to be getting at least 10,000 monthly visitors. If you receive less than 80,000 visitors each month, you have to pay a setup fee of $99 to get started on the platform. 

Having said that, the payout is great, with a minimum of only $10 which you can receive via direct deposit or PayPal.

Pros and Cons: 


  • Very low payment threshold
  • Full-service ad revenue platform
  • Dedicated monetization and data teams
  • Data-driven ad strategies built for publishers
  • Custom dashboard displays to measure results and growth


  • The platform pays on net60 terms (one month plus 60 days)
  • Revenue doesn’t reflect on your dashboard until the next day
  • $99 setup fee for websites with fewer than 80,000 monthly visitors

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $10
  • Payment Schedule: Net60
  • Payout Options:  Paypal, Direct Deposit

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7. PropellerAds

A popular platform made for conversion-focused campaigns.

PropellerAds is a platform to grow revenue with performance-driven ads for marketers and affiliates. It’s designed for conversion-focused campaigns and offers top-performing ad formats to supercharge your results. 

Some of the unique tools you get on the platform include fraud prevention technology and automated ad optimization that boosts productivity by cutting down on manual processes. 

With PropellerAds, you have a wide range of methods for monetizing your blog. You can choose from different types of ads, including pop-under ads which have been proven to work particularly well. 

One of the platform’s unique features is that it also allows you to monetize your mobile websites and apps.

Joining the network isn’t too challenging, but PropellerAds does tend to prioritize websites that deal with digital media and technology.

Pros and Cons: 


  • Technology for bypassing AdBlock
  • Huge publisher community
  • Multiple ad formats available
  • Can be used together with an AdSense account
  • Immensely powerful self-serve platform
  • Offers Interstitial ad formats and push notifications


  • There’s no header bidding on the platform
  • PropellerAds offers lower CPM’s compared to others in the industry
  • Lower revenue for non-English websites

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $50 (PayPal), $100 (Payoneer), $500 (Wire Transfer)
  • Payment Schedule: 30-day
  • Payout Options:  PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer

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8. Adversal

A powerful platform to drive traffic and boost your presence with native advertising.

Adversal is a self-serve advertising platform that is perfect for blogs and websites with a decent amount of traffic every month whether it’s from SEO, paid, or social media sources.

The platform offers a wide range of banner ad sizes, together with a few other marketing options that are a little more discrete. 

Sign-up is quick and easy, and you can get started as long as you meet the minimum monthly requirement of 50,000 visitors. 

The platform does most of the work for you, and once you’re set-up, you can just leave it to do the hard work. 

There’s a smart interface where you can start, stop, and pause your campaigns at any time, and Adversal also has a great affiliate marketing program.

Pros and Cons: 


  • Easy to use self-serve platform
  • Super quick sign-up process
  • Extremely low payout threshold
  • A true set-it-and-forget-it solution
  • No commitments and no contracts required


  • The platform only has a few ad formats on offer
  • Low-volume websites are not accepted
  • Requires you to have your own domain name

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $20
  • Payment Schedule: 65-day payout schedule
  • Payout Options:  PayPal, ACH, Wire Transfer

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9. Infolinks

Infolinks is among the leading platforms for in-text advertising, working with over 200,000 publishers in 130 countries. The platform automatically indexes your website to find appropriate keywords for display ads. 

The network also offers display ads for your sidebar, as well as expandable ads that you can use within your content. It’s one of the best Google Adsense alternatives because it’s focused on hyperlinking text as opposed to simply showing ads.

As you can see, there are multiple ways Infolinks can help you make money from the unused spaces on your website or blog. 

There’s a helpful administrative tool on the platform that you can use to gain insights and analytics about your traffic and ad performance. This is also where you can manage all your monetization efforts and handle how ads impact your website.

Pros and Cons: 


  • Infolinks offers the ability to earn more than AdSense
  • Can be used alongside a Google AdSense account
  • The platform is simple to integrate into your website
  • It’s easy to join the network
  • Great administrative tool


  • Doesn’t offer much ad format variety
  • In-text advertising can slow your site down
  • CPC is not great so you need lots of traffic to make it worthwhile

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $50 (Bank Transfers), $100 (Western Union)
  • Payment Schedule: 45-day 
  • Payout Options:  PayPal, Payoneer, ACH, Western Union, eCheck

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10. Amazon Native Shopping Ads

It may be a little surprising to see an Amazon ad program listed as an alternative for Google AdSense. But, Amazon Native Shopping Ads & CPM-based ads are a great choice for anyone looking to boost their online revenue. 

A lot of bloggers and website owners use the Amazon associates program (otherwise known as the Amazon affiliate program) as a way to generate income, but this advertising program from the retail giant can be just as lucrative when it comes to monetizing your website. 

Similar to ads from AdSense, Amazon ads are contextual, which means that they display relevant products according to the content and keywords on a page. 

If a user proceeds to make a purchase after clicking an ad on your website, you receive a commission from the sale, whether or not it was the item that they clicked on. Best of all, Amazon’s conversion rate is extremely high, which means more revenue for you with less effort.

Pros and Cons: 


  • Trustworthy provider with great impact on visitors
  • The commission is based on the entire shopping cart
  • Contextual ads are great for user experience
  • Ideal for those with US and EU traffic
  • Large selection of categories to choose from


  • No individual commission
  • Widget integration can be complicated
  • No PayPal option available

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $10 (Deposit, Gift Card), $100 (Check)
  • Payment Schedule: Net60
  • Payout Options:  Check, Amazon Gift Card, Direct Deposit

Get Started With Amazon Native Shopping Ads

11. Sovrn Commerce (Formerly VigLink)

Unlock more revenue from every click with intelligent links. 

Sovrn eCommerce is a product that offers in-text ads. It tracks buying behavior and converts regular product links into affiliate links, helping you to generate passive income from the clicks and the resulting sales. 

The platform’s monetization tools generate competition among advertisers for your website traffic which helps you to get the absolute best price. 

There are tools on the dashboard to show you in-depth analytics and insights as to which products or advertisers bring in the most revenue to your business so you can optimize performance. 

Rather than having to spend endless hours checking affiliate revenue, the entire process can be automated, leaving you free to focus on what you do best – creating great content for your site. 

Alternatively, you can opt for Meridian, another product from This is a CPM ad network that pays by impression. In other words, you will be paid whenever an ad is served, whether or not visitors click on it.

Pros and Cons: 


  • Smart display ad network ideal for bloggers and affiliate marketers
  • Turn money-making words on your blog or website into affiliate links
  • Was incubated by Google themselves and is great for those worried about SEO
  • Multiple ad formats and sizes to choose from
  • No minimum traffic requirements
  • Real-time reporting dashboard


  • Invite-only network and approval can take weeks
  • Supports only the CPM model which results in reduced advertiser demand
  • Low eCPM for traffic from outside the US. 

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $25
  • Payment Schedule: Net45
  • Payout Options:  PayPal, ACH, Wire Transfer, Check, eCheck

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12. ylliX

A powerful platform for publishers who want fair payouts and daily payments. 

YlliX is a great Google AdSense alternative for anyone who is looking for better pay rates. This advertising network offers multiple ad types for desktop and mobile traffic. This includes pop-under ads, sliders, mobile redirects, layer ads, full-page ads, and more. 

You get instant account approval, detailed reports, and 100% fill rates. Furthermore, this self-serve platform gives you complete control over all your campaigns and you get precise campaign targeting tools for optimal results. 

As a publisher, you don’t pay anything to use the platform, but you are offered a generous referral program where you are paid up to $100 plus 2% of the lifetime earnings of every new active publisher that you refer.

Pros and Cons: 


  • Different ad types for mobile and desktop traffic
  • Fair payouts based on traffic quality
  • Convenient daily payments for publishers
  • Lucrative affiliate program for publishers and advertisers
  • Instant account approval so you can start making money right away
  • It supports CPM, CPC, and CPA ad types


  • The platform has a very low CPM
  • No advanced security for advertisers, which may bring malicious things
  • A click is only counted if a user clicks on the ad and purchases the product

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $1
  • Payment Schedule: Daily
  • Payout Options:  Paypal, Payoneer, Bank Wire, Bitcoin

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13. PopAds

PopAds specializes in delivering pop-under adverts and claims to be the industry’s best-paying ad network for this type of ad. 

The platform has advertisers from over 50 countries and offers a lucrative referral scheme for both publishers and advertisers. 

On the platform, you’ll find plenty of targeting options that allow you to get better results from your campaigns. It also gives advertisers full control over what they want to pay for each pop-under. 

Publisher websites are reviewed by humans to maintain a high level of quality. Webmasters can choose the minimum bid they are willing to accept from advertisers and set the frequency with which the ads are displayed to website visitors. 

One of the best features of this platform is that you can request payment of your ad revenue anytime you want. 

Pros and Cons: 


  • Extremely low payment threshold
  • Getting an account and website approval is easy
  • Great Google AdSense alternative for newcomers
  • Publishers can select minimum bids
  • Request payment at any time


  • Only pop-under ad type available
  • No directly link provided
  • Pop-up/under-ads generally irritate visitors

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $10
  • Payment Schedule: Daily
  • Payout Options:  PayPal, AlertPay, Wire Transfer

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14. Skimlinks

A platform to automatically create affiliate product links from your commerce content. 

Skimlinks is an ad network that focuses mainly on affiliate marketing. Whether you use Amazon or any other program, Skimlinks can help you get access to over 48,000 eCommerce merchants thanks to its partnership with over 50 networks. 

All you have to do to get started is install a piece of JavaScript code onto your website and all your existing links will be automatically transformed into affiliate links so you can start earning revenue while blogging.

Skimlinks typically pays less than joining the affiliate programs yourself, but it also does things at scale to make life easier.

Pros and Cons: 


  • Wide range of affiliate programs available
  • Integrate seamlessly into your website
  • Powerful analytics tools
  • Low payment threshold
  • Offers an Editor Toolbar plugin for Google Chrome that will display the average commission rate while browsing a merchant’s site.


  • Limited customer support
  • Does not offer traditional display ads
  • Takes a 25% cut of your commissions

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $10
  • Payment Schedule: 30-day
  • Payout Options:  PayPal, Direct Deposit, Check

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15. RevContent

Leading content marketing platform connecting advertisers with engaged audiences.

RevContent uses the latest technology and direct partnerships with some of the world’s premier digital publishers to connect advertisers with targeted and highly engaged audiences. 

The platform also empowers publishers to generate meaningful revenue streams through mutually beneficial partnerships. 

Webmasters can enjoy revenue without restrictions, guaranteed revenue uplift, and unique first-party demand. 

The platform also boasts lighter, faster, and more effective content recommendation technology, as well as a smaller page footprint. 

If you are lucky enough to be accepted into RevContent, you also get granular brand safety and powerful content quality controls.

Pros and Cons: 


  • Impressive customer support
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Customizable widgets on the platform
  • Several ad formats available
  • High-paying advertisers mean publishers get higher rates


  • The platform has strict acceptance guidelines
  • Low-traffic websites are not accepted
  • Extremely limited payout options

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $50
  • Payment Schedule: 30-day
  • Payout Options:  PayPal

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16. Adblade

An innovative, content-style ad platform that reaches over 300 million users.

Adblade has a strong reputation among publishers and advertisers as a powerful monetization solution. 

The platform’s technology provides effective sales controls and robust reporting that drive revenue and gross. 

Adblade’s network integrates seamlessly with any design to provide your audience with a high-quality user experience.

Webmasters can start earning industry-leading CPMs and advertisers can start zeroing in on their target audience using the original content-style native ads.

Pros and Cons: 


  • Convenient self-serve platform
  • Great security features to protect your site
  • Powerful analytics and reporting tools
  • Simple display and native shopping ad units


  • High payment threshold
  • Lower CPM and CPC
  • Poor customer support

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $100
  • Payment Schedule: Net30
  • Payout Options:  PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer

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17. is a part of Verizon Media, a platform that works with a lot of high-profile advertisers and publishers. 

Here you’ll find different ad formats and a ton of tools, including powerful analytics features designed to help webmasters maximize monetization potential. 

Publishers can monetize their websites in an instant using the powerful demand stream and other publisher-built products. 

Advertisers have the peace of mind of knowing that they are working with some of the world’s most trusted brands and they can find their target audience from Verizon’s 900 million captivated consumers.

Pros and Cons: 


  • Multiple ad types available
  • Low payment threshold
  • Intuitive, easy to use dashboard
  • Powerful analytics features


  • Difficult to get information prior to applying
  • Very long approval process

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $25
  • Payment Schedule: 30-day 
  • Payout Options:  PayPal, Direct Deposit, Check

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18. RevenueHits

This platform is relatively new to the industry. However, the company continues to grow in popularity thanks to its innovative technology. 

The network offers geo-based and contextual ads. There is also a broad range of display-based ads, including widgets, buttons, pop-unders, and more. 

You also get tools and support to help your website reach its monetization potential. There are also a ton of useful educational resources on the site to help you understand traffic and ad analytics so you can make the necessary changes to maximize your profits with minimal effort.

Pros and Cons: 


  • Multiple ad types available
  • Easy application requirements
  • Simple, easy to use dashboard
  • Does not charge payout fees
  • Displays most relevant ads to the audience


  • Pays per action, and not impressions
  • Doesn’t offer video ads
  • No real-time analytics updates

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $20 (PayPal, Payoneer), $500 Wire Transfers
  • Payment Schedule: Net30
  • Payout Options:  PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer

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19. AdCash

A global advertising platform to help you monetize your site with high-quality ads.

AdCash is a self-serve advertising platform for affiliates, media buyers, ad networks, and publishers. 

Unlike a lot of other networks that only work with publishers that have a US-based audience, AdCash works with advertisers and publishers from across the globe. This is something that can help you significantly boost your income. 

The platform offers a wide range of ad types. They also have anti-AdBlock technology that will help to increase your ad revenue. 

You can easily integrate AdCash and have live ads in just a few minutes. And, thanks to the platform’s expertly designed control panel, you will have an easy time managing your ads and viewing your reports and statistics.

Pros and Cons: 


  • Real-time analytics and statistics
  • Anti-AdBlock technology
  • Great customer support
  • Broad variety of ads on offer
  • Transparent pricing


  • Analytics not updated in real-time
  • Pays per action, and not impressions

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $25
  • Payment Schedule: Monthly
  • Payout Options:  PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney, Wire Transfer

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20. BuySellAds

A direct advertising network to help you diversify your advertising strategy.

BuySellAds is a platform that connects you with advertisers who will pay premium prices for advertising space on your site. 

You have full control over what you charge for your ad space, although it’s important to make sure that you don’t price yourself out of the market. 

The platform uses advertising channels such as native performance, display, sponsored content, emails, etc. With such a varied range, it’s easy to get respectful, brand-safe placements as opposed to distracting and invasive ads. 

Advertisers get the most out of each impression by serving ads to the platform’s network of highly targeted and qualified audiences. 

As a publisher, when you submit your website for approval, it is first reviewed for quality, and only a high-quality, English-language website with a minimum of 100,000 page views each month will be accepted.

Pros and Cons: 


  • Easy setup to get started on the platform
  • Automatic and manual features for approving ads
  • Ideal for new and smaller blogs with less traffic
  • Niche-related ads can be attracted
  • Flexible ad types are available


  • High commission of 25%
  • Cluttered publishing directory

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $50
  • Payment Schedule: 30-day
  • Payout Options:  PayPal, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit

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21. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is a great option to consider for anyone looking for a well-paying alternative to AdSense. The platform pays you for clicks and conversions, giving you an opportunity to create multiple streams of revenue. 

You also get a referral program and several bonus opportunities, which gives you a lot of additional opportunities to earn. 

However, to succeed on the platform you need high page views so advertisers can bid to get on your website (and you get higher rates). 

A caveat to this bidding feature is that oftentimes visitors will get irrelevant ads, which may impact your overall user experience.

Pros and Cons: 


  • Advertisers bid for ad space which means higher rates
  • The platform has robust customization features
  • Bidvertiser offers a lucrative referral program
  • You get powerful analytics tools
  • Pays for clicks and conversions


  • Offers low rates compared to other networks
  • Ads aren’t always relevant to the website
  • Site must be established to benefit from bidding

Payment Details: 

  • Payment Threshold: $10 (PayPal), $100 (Check)
  • Payment Schedule: Net30
  • Payout Options:  PayPal, Check

Get Started With Bidvertiser

More Options for Adsense Alternatives:

  • AdRecover (Great for those trying to combat ad blockers)
  • SHEMedia
  • AdClickMedia
  • Taboola
  • AdPushup
  • AdX
  • Xandr
  • Magnite
  • Index
  • Verizon
  • Pubmatic
  • OpenX
  • Teads
  • Triplelift
  • Adversal
  • Setupad
  • Evadav
  • PopCash
  • MadAds Media

Final Thoughts

After enduring my own invalid clicks penalty from Google AdSense, I came to the realization that I needed to find better AdSense alternatives. 

Even if you’re currently happy with your AdSense results, you should consider other networks so you don’t suffer the same fate that I did. 

As you’ve seen from this article, there are tons of possible alternatives that have used their foundational ideas and made better platforms. 

I understand that the sheer number of ad platforms and networks available can be exhausting to consider. But, the information in this article will help you to choose a platform that will perform the best for you.

All the AdSense alternatives above have something unique to offer. Your choice will depend on a few factors, such as:

  • The types of ads you want to display
  • How aggressive you want your monetization strategy to be while blogging
  • The level of control you want over the types of ads that are displayed
  • Whether or not you want a set-it-and-forget-it system

If you’re still not sure which one is right for you, here’s a quick recap of what we discussed:

My number one recommendation is Ezoic, a platform that uses artificial intelligence to improve your revenue and performance.

If you want something that is similar to AdSense and offers a simple, set-it-and-forget-it method that serves up clean, contextual ads, is a great platform to consider.

If, on the other hand, you are more concerned about your website’s reputation and you want more control over the types of ads that are displayed to your audience, Monumetric is a great option that will serve you well.

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