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How $10 and a Vacation Stopped my Pursuit of a Doctoral Degree

Recently I took a trip to Spain and Italy for two reasons.  First, it was my 31st birthday and second, because I was burnt out from everything that I’ve been doing related to work. I think it’s

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My 90% Outsourced Niche Website Experiment

Well, I’m officially going to jump onto the niche website bandwagon with my own experiment. In many of the blogs that I read and the podcasts that I listen to, individuals always talk about creating

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Motivational Monday: Sacrifice

It’s Monday morning, which just so happens to be the bane of most people’s existence because that means the start of the traditional work week. You had freedom all weekend, and now you’re

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Lessons of my Website Redesign Strategy and Website Redesign tips

Today I am going to tell you about an extremely time sucking task that is probably all too familiar for anyone reading this post. You’ve either already had this happen to you, or you’re going

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Hello all, thank you for visiting the site today.  Today’s blog post is going to be focused on one thing, explaining to you why I’m changing for good.  Although some

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What does not filtered by license mean?

If you are looking around in Google or other photo databases you have probably come across something called usage rights. If you don’t understand what ‘not filtered by license’ means, you definitely

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Why are web analytics important?

What is the history of web analytics? Before the idea of selling products on the Internet went mainstream, companies would use traditional marketing methods which usually meant bombarding consumers with

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Five weaknesses of Google Analytics

Google Analytics has been around for many years and in that time it has provided many individuals with reliable analytic data that they have come to depend on.  In fact, a study by indicates

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Where to get free website images

One of the first things that any small business owner wants to have when creating a website is images.  For many, that just means going to Google, searching a keyword in Google images, copying the image,

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What does attribution mean for website images and content

You can find various definitions of attribution all over the internet, but many of them don’t talk specifically about what attribution is when related to images or text on a website.  According

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