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Five weaknesses of Google Analytics

Google Analytics has been around for many years and in that time it has provided many individuals with reliable analytic data that they have come to depend on.  In fact, a study by indicates

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Where to get free website images

One of the first things that any small business owner wants to have when creating a website is images.  For many, that just means going to Google, searching a keyword in Google images, copying the image,

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What does attribution mean for website images and content

You can find various definitions of attribution all over the internet, but many of them don’t talk specifically about what attribution is when related to images or text on a website.  According

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Facebook like spam – Why you shouldn’t “like” everything on Facebook

About six months ago I began to see a trend on Facebook of my connections liking posts that seemed completely ridiculous.  It started with, “like this post if you love classic cars” and has now evolved

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Welcome to One Hour Professor

Welcome to One Hour Professor (OHP).  This website has been in demand for quite some time and after months of planning and development, it is my pleasure to bring it to you.  This blog will focus on

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