February 6, 2021

how to avoid facebook jail

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Facebook is among the most popular social media platforms for interacting with people across the world, as well as promoting your business. It had 2.79 billion active users at the end of 2020. 

It’s one of the most powerful tools for sharing your message, getting your product and brand in front of your target users, and much more.

However, the huge marketing opportunities on the platform also come with some equally big problems. 

Facebook has clamped down on political issues using their algorithm, and the infamous “Facebook jail” seems to have expanded further, affecting even more people than ever before. 

In this article, we take a look at FB Jail, what it is, why it happened, and how you can avoid it.

What is Facebook Jail?

Facebook jail is an urban term coined by users to describe when someone is banned or blocked from accessing their account or posting on Facebook because of spammy behavior or failure to follow the platform’s guidelines.

Facebook has to be the authority with free speech due to backlash about previously not policing content enough – particularly the 2016 election. Mark Zuckerberg caught a lot of flack for not policing Facebook well enough, so they made some major changes.

That’s one of the reasons why the platform now takes a more serious stance toward infractions of the website’s guidelines.

How Do You Know if You’re in Facebook Jail?

Facebook doesn’t alert users to the fact that they have placed restrictions on their accounts. 

Most people only discover that they are in Facebook jail when they receive an email or when they try to post on their account, or send private messages, only to receive the dreaded message:

You can’t post right now!


Even if you do receive notification from Facebook about your account being limited, by that time, it’s already too late to do anything about it. 

This is how you know you’ve landed in Facebook jail:

  • You lost your account’s ability to post on your timeline or on any pages or groups. 
  • You’re not able to like anyone else’s posts or pictures. 
  • You cannot comment anywhere on the social platform.
  • You are blocked from accessing your page or account.

If you are banned from posting to your personal Facebook profile, it usually means that you can’t publish to any of your pages as the admin. 

This can be a major problem, especially if you manage social media accounts for clients using social media management tools, and it can have a serious impact on your business and brand.  You need all of this functionality to succeed.

Why Were You Thrown Into Facebook Jail?

There are many reasons why you might be thrown into Facebook jail and be given a (hopefully) temporary time out. Unfortunately, it’s possible to find yourself in there for breaking Facebook rules unintentionally

Here are some of the most common reasons why people end up in Facebook jail:

1. Posting to Quickly: Posting too quickly on your Facebook page is among the most common reasons for people getting thrown in Facebook jail. You can also get flagged when you post the same information too fast. The simple solution to help you avoid getting blocked for this reason is to have a consistent schedule for posting, and always leave some time between posts.

2. Sending Too Many Friend Requests in One Day: When you send too many friend requests from a personal profile, Facebook views this as a bad thing, especially if you don’t know the people. When such behavior is detected, the platform will likely block your account. The same goes for joining Facebook groups too fast.

3. Posting Inappropriate Content: Posting sexually suggestive content, or nudity on Facebook is prohibited and violates their community standards. Even though it may make you unable to post pretty funny memes, doing so will result in your account being disabled, either temporarily or permanently. You should also avoid posting self-harm content, hate speech, or credible threats to groups or individuals.

4. Too Much Tagging: If you always reply with tagging all the time, this is another reason why you might find your account blocked.

5. Using Spam Images or Videos: If Facebook (or Google) has marked certain images or videos as spam, and you use them in your posts and are thought to be spamming others, this can land you in Facebook jail. Luckily, this is easily avoided by creating original content for your posts.

6. Logging in with Different Accounts: If you log into Facebook at the same time using different accounts, even a business page, this can trigger a block on your account. You should only use one account on one device and use a different device if you need to have two accounts open at the same time. The solution can be a VPN. VeePN features include hiding IP addresses, unblock any web site, unblocking games, and much more. When managing different accounts, this will be the best solution in order not to get in Facebook jail.

7. Being Spammy: If you act “spammy” on Facebook by adding people you don’t know, using a business name for your personal account, and so on, you are likely to get banned. So don’t contact people through the messaging area with unwanted requests or content. Also, don’t add spammy links, don’t send bulk messages, and don’t excessively post images and links to people’s timelines, and don’t continually post identical content to different groups or places.

8. Using Automated Software: Something else Facebook frowns upon is the use of automated software on the platform. If you are liking or commenting on posts at a very fast-pace, Facebook will likely block your account. So make sure that you always control the speed with which you perform these activities.

9. Using Fake or Imposter Accounts: If someone reports that your account is fake or impersonating someone else’s account, Facebook won’t hesitate in blocking it permanently.

10. Fraud with Payments Through Facebook: Suspicious payments are among the recently emerging reasons for bans on Facebook. If you make a payment through a fraudulent card, the payment will be reversed, and your account will be instantly banned.

If you ever find your Facebook account blocked for misconduct, you can rest assured you violated at least one of the issues mentioned above.

How Long Does Facebook Jail Last?

There are two types of Facebook blocking: temporary, and permanent blocking.

Temporary Blocking 

This is where Facebook suspends activities in your account for a specific period of time, usually a few hours to a few days.


The maximum time Facebook and block your account is 30 days. When this time has elapsed, the ban is removed and you can regain access to your account.

Permanent Blocking 

This happens when the account is permanently deleted, and you can never re-access it again. For marketers and business owners, this can result in a huge waste of time and effort invested in growing the account.

Facebook has different suspensions based on previous behaviors. 

The blocks can be classified into three categories, according to the length and severity of the ban.

  • The Lowest Tier: These bans typically don’t last long, maybe just a day ban, and Facebook sets the timeline in your notification when you attempt to post. You can appeal lower-tier bans to get them lifted even prior to the scheduled date.
  • Middle Tier Bans: In more severe cases, Facebook suspends some of the features of your account permanently, such as commenting or liking content. However, your content is not totally blocked, and you can still access other features.
  • The Highest Tier: Typically reserved for the worst offenses, this is the complete banning of your Facebook account. If this happens to you, consider your account gone forever because there is absolutely no way of retrieving it.

Most people are thrown into Facebook jail for failure to follow the rules and regulations during their marketing efforts. 

It’s also interesting to note that older Facebook users are a lot less likely to be banned or blocked than newer ones. 

In a lot of cases, Facebook jail leads to the permanent closure of the account, which is why it’s so important to understand Facebook jail and how to avoid it.

Even if your ban is temporary, sometimes just a few days of inactivity is all it takes to put a damper on your business’s social media presence. In fact, you may lose followers in the process, which can seriously impact your brand.

How to Get Out of Facebook Jail

When it comes to getting out of Facebook jail, you don’t have a lot of options available to you. 

By following the simple do’s and don’ts outlined above, you can drastically reduce the chances that you will ever find yourself behind bars on this platform.

But, if you are already in such a situation, here are a few tips to help you limit the time you spend behind Facebook’s virtual bars.

Three Ways to Escape Facebook Jail

1. Serve your Sentence: The first and most obvious way is to simply wait until you’ve served your “jail sentence”. Facebook notifies you when you will be able to access the blocked features or account again.


2. File an Appeal: If you’d rather not wait, you can simply appeal for a review. Facebook will send you the outcome of your appeal via email. Just know that it’s possible that your appeal may be rejected and your account permanently blocked anyway.

3. Create a New Account: If all else fails and your account is blocked, the only other thing you can do is to forget about your current account and create a new one. Although this may not be ideal for marketers and business owners, sometimes it’s the only way to move forward. 

Plenty of people online will try to use your desperation as an opportunity to part you from your money by offering JavaScript downloads and other tricks. 

However, you should note that Facebook is well-equipped with the necessary tools to detect such fraudulent activities. So I would recommend that you play it fair so you can maximize your chances of getting back control of your account.

All you have to do is follow Facebook terms and rules, if you regain access to your account (or if you decide to open a new one), stop doing whatever it is that got your account blocked in the first place.

How to Avoid Facebook Jail in the Future

The easiest way for you to avoid Facebook jail is to read and adhere to the community guidelines, as well as the platform’s Terms and Conditions

If you’re caught operating your account outside of the platform’s guidelines, you will find yourself in the Facebook police’s crosshairs. 

But, the guidelines make for a long and tedious read, which is I have created a summary of the things to do (or not do) to keep your account safe. 

These include the following:

  • Leave time intervals between posts
  • Don’t post inappropriate content like pics or memes that may get you in trouble
  • Send fewer than 50 friend requests per day
  • Join no more than 10 Facebook groups per day
  • Be careful when adding or tagging people
  • Don’t use spam videos or images
  • Log into one account on each device
  • Don’t use scripts or automated software to post content
  • Don’t post similar content in multiple groups at the same time
  • Don’t use imposter or fake accounts, always use your real name and act like a real person

The bottom line is, you need to always ensure that you follow the platform’s guidelines to the letter. 

This is particularly true with regard to political issues. 

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t speak your mind, but it does require that you moderate your outspoken habits if you want to avoid having your account temporarily or permanently disabled.

There are additional steps you can take to help protect your account, such as:

1. Completing Your Facebook Profile: If your profile only has half the details, Facebook will flag it as incomplete. And, if you post to groups or communities with an incomplete profile, it may lead to your account being marked as spam. So, make sure that your “About” page and account details are all complete and up-to-date.

2. Verifying Your Account Via Mobile: Add your phone number to your account and verify it to show Facebook that you are a functioning human being as opposed to a fake account or bot. This will help you avoid being flagged as a spammer, which can result in your account being blocked.


3. Watch out for Saboteurs: In business, as with everywhere else in life, there will always be those who may try to bring you down in any way they can. For example, on Facebook, competitors might report your posts for no other reason than to harm your credibility online. 

This means you have to take action to prevent such trolls from attacking your posts by either blocking them from your page so they won’t see your posts or reporting them to Facebook. 

Facebook Jail Q&A

Can You Bypass Facebook Jail?

According to some sites, there are ways to get around the restrictions placed by Facebook on your account, such as registering your account as a minor (since the law prohibits Facebook from collecting data on minors).

Another alleged way is to post through Facebook’s own platform. However, the only real way to bypass Facebook jail is to create a new account, otherwise, you just have to abide by Facebook’s ruling on your current account, or appeal the restrictions.

Can You Get Out of Facebook Jail Early?

The only way to get out of Facebook jail early is by filing an appeal. After conducting a review of your account, Facebook might decide to let you out of jail early. But, you should note that filing an appeal is no guarantee that this will happen, and the appeal may still result in your account being permanently blocked.

How to Tell if Someone Else is in Facebook Jail?

It’s hard to tell whether someone is in Facebook jail or not as their profile continues to look the same (if the infraction is minor). You will be able to post on the timeline, but the user will be restricted from replying or posting on their own account. 

If, however, they committed a serious offense and their account is banned, then it ceases to exist on the platform. None of their friends will get a notification.

How to Appeal Facebook Jail?

If your Facebook has been disabled, go to the Facebook website and enter your login details. Click “Login”, and you will see a message saying “Account Disabled”. 

Click on “My Facebook account has been disabled” on the page, and you will be shown a link that says “Submit an appeal”. Click on the link and an appeal form will open. Fill in all the required details on the form, and then click “Send”. 

Facebook will get back to you via email once they have completed a review of your account.


This article lists all the different things that can land you in Facebook jail. Use this information to help you avoid repercussions from the social media giant for continued guideline infractions. In other words, follow these rules to stay out of Facebook jail!

Have you ever been in Facebook jail? If so, tell me about it in the comments below!

  • I got suspended because I added names from my friend’s list posting jokes or funny stories yeti my FB appeal they missed that statement I say here in this note..my friends read this or personally message me or post that my contribution makes their day and happy I get others to participate also in future threads..For example I posted something from a year ago in first person a post in memories then I repost it and add my names from my friends list ..feel my rights are violated unfairly..thanks for listening..be safe

      • I got 30 days for “bullying or harassment” for reporting a guy with the name “seigheil” for use of an offensive name, a fake name, and hate speech. He was found innocent of all three, of course.

    • I have been suspended for ridiculous things, like hurting the feeling of the Pillsbury dough boy, but the latest is real eye opener for me. Our road was being worked on recently, and people would not read the road closed signs so they would drive down the road and use my driveway as a turn around. So many people did this I had to block my driveway off and I posted it to FB. One of my friends then posted “roofing nails do wonders’ as in they will get a flat tire. LOL . I responded with this exactly word for word ” Yeah but they I will run over them” To my surprise, FB banned me 30 days for Hate speech for those words. I was saying yeah but I will run over them meaning the roofing nails. Any moron with a working brain would understand I meant the roofing nails. If they thought anything else (which they did), they are pretty stupid, right? Anyway thats my true story. I am now on day 17 of a 30 day ban, again. I’m about down with FB and it’s communist tactics. They are unfair and complete BS. I attempted to appeal , but my case was not selected. so I did exhaust all avenues. This is at least the 5th time that FB got it wrong and banned me for no reason other than their own ignorance trying to confront hate speech that wasn’t there except for in their own imagination.

  • Yesterday someone posted a funny link about the Irish. I put “lol those crazy Irishmen lol”…,,I go to post and see I have 24 hours in FB jail. I protested and they increased my jail time to 7 days. I guess referring to Irishmen as crazy is hateful as they say. I’m Irish. I’m crazy. I was censored. I simply don’t get it. They keep putting me in jail for silly comments. I’m 68 yrs old. I’ve never experienced this BS in all my years. Censorship is against the law unless you own Facebook I guess.

      • Just finished 30 days for saying americans are ignorant of the benefits of universal healthcare … at the time I felt like writing ‘fucking stupid’ but thought I should tone it down.

      • Me too, I said “dumb” Americans when someone inSweden asked why we work for such low wages and no benefits. Rejected my appeal. To test someone sent me a verbal social critique of America , 4 black guys constantly saying “mother fu$%# “ to any one reading the post….they told me that MF was not hate speech, obscene, or an insult….there was nothing wrong with the article….dumb is hate speech, MF is fine??

    • I was talking to my hairdresser about the series Duchess which is British raunchy humor. I had to keep hitting return because I couldn’t believe what they were saying so I said to her the Brits are nasty. I got a “hate speech” charge.

    • There needs to be a class-action lawsuit on their trying to CONTROL everyone’s OPINION. I have been in jail simply for throwing it back And this article claims a limit of 21 days? I just got placed in jail for 30.

    • Censorship is NOT against the law. Freedom of speech is “guaranteed” by the First Amendment of the Constitution, but that only pertains to the government. Facebook isn’t the government. They are a business and they’re allowed to make their own rules. No one has a legal right to unrestricted access to Facebook.

      • I think any business operating within the United States, has an obligation to abide by the law of the land and therefore creating TOS that limit or are in conflict with the basic bill of rights and the constitutional amendments of the people and the constitution should be prohibited. As US citizens our rights should super cede anything these tyrants try to do to censor or control public opinion. Anything derogatory to the laws within should be prohibited .

  • I’m in FB Jail due to a typo! I said “I changed my own timing chail. women are t as ignorant as this meme suggest.” With all the money that FB makes they need to be forced to hire real people to actually read this post and respond to users before restricting someone’s rights!

  • I just got suspended from FB for telling the TRUTH! I stated on a fb news site that a few young American girls were assaulted by Paris residents spitting in their faces! Others posted same scenario. FB hates the TRUTH!

  • I have seen bans for things that you simply cannot predict or avoid. I was banned for answering the question “what is something you associate with Pagans”. I said “Dancing naked under the moon” and got a 30 day ban. I also got a ban a few months ago for quoting someone from another facebook post. In quotations. the person I quoted never had their comment removed. My friend got a ban for saying “We are renting a back hoe this weekend”. Last year I got a ban for responding to a post that said “Atheists are arrogant.” with “some of the most arrogant people i know are theists”. it is amazing how the post doesnt get banned, but i do. You cannot predict or avoid it when the rules are not clear and are not applied across the board. A few days ago a friend was banned for using the word “nipple” in a sentence. when did that become against the rules? when did the word naked stop being allowed? and “back hoe” ffs. It is truly out of control and there is simply no way to avoid it when the rules seem to change daily.

  • I’m in Facebook jail because I “laughed” when they said that vitamin D3 and zinc may be dangerous for our health. First it was just for 24 hours, but when I objected, they added on another 2 days.

  • I was blocked from liking posts for an unknown amount time because it was “spam”, according one of the block messages. I wasn’t even particularly active that day. I can comment and share, for now, anyway. But funny, I would think people like reactions to their posts. How else would they know they are being seen? The standards are too vague. What is too much, too often, or too whatever?

  • I’ve got a thirty day sentence. A discussion was about a male who murdered children, raped them, etc. I said “shoot the perp”. Not thinking how some believe sexual deviate behavior is “okay” with some people. This is my longest jailing to date. This year I’ve been in jail 3 times. I’m a 68 year old who comes from a generation to speak the truth. Younger generations don’t like that and want us dead. I’ve seen that said too many times. FB asks if you said such and such. You say yes. Boom….no chance to defend yourself. You get immediately sentenced. FB is against truth and definitely doesn’t want boomers on their platform. Wish we had options but we don’t. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  • I’m restricted for 24 hours for posting a gif of two cats play fighting with a comment to my friend of “I’ll fight you like this!” FB needs to fix their algorithms as I believe the restriction came from using the word “fight”. Sheesh …

  • I got a three day restriction for calling Israelis, watching the bombing of Gaza from a hilltop, despicable human beings.

  • This is unbearable invasion of privacy and makes Facebook a law unto itself. I was once banned for being underage! Obviously some algorithm screw-up, like when they banned a Michaelangelo sculpture for nudity. The latter wasn’t my post but it discouraged the arts website so much they cancelled the page. It took me 2 weeks to retrieve my account. I’m 72 now and it was no more than 4 years ago. I asked them which 12year old had my vocabulary but that made no difference to getting my account back more quickly. Facebook users should be able to sue. Being banned without knowing the charge is straight out of Kafka.

    • Computer algorithms are targeting everything including single words. From here on, I will alter words that I think will land me in jail with odd spellings and asterisks in places. The more they screw with us, the more resourceful we’ll get….

  • I commented on a fictional character on a meme saying “girls are dumb”, banned for 3 days. On FRIENDS show page, said the copy girl was a “ho”, 7 day FB jail. And your post is incorrect, it’s INSTANT. Immediately pops up saying your comment violates their policies. WHAT a joke. Remember the GIRL who played football? A man posted they should gang rape her in the locker room and THAT was OK???? Just wow. Wth

  • I posted asking how come we got a vaccine SO FAST for Covid but we have had CANCER for over 100 years NO VACCINE. we’ve had HIV more than 50 years NO VACCINE so when I said why is that I got RESTRICTED FOR 30 DAYS!!!

  • I’m in jail cause they were spying in my inbox on my girlfriend and I laughing at a nude video someone sent me…I was flagged for sharing child porn..whilst it was adults in the video..mind you none of this was posted publicly…they were in my “private message” via messenger..I’m so pissed.i have no access to my account right now…at first it said I couldn’t post or like for 72hrs…then now I cant even login..have to wait for a review..I’m the admin for my business page and its affecting me.

  • Since Wednesday night May 19, 2021 between 7-9pm, I can’t follow more people even after I remove some people (blocking or unfriend), I’m stuck not following people so how long I’m in this FB Jail?

  • The longest ban being 21 days is false bc I’m currently banned for 30 days over “hate speech” bc I, a Caucasian male, after reading a post about a girl and her grandparents being profiled based on the language it was assumed they spoke said I used to work with a “trashy old white lady” that did the same shit.

  • This is only partly true..facebook tagged me for mentioning “white trash” to someone, I am white and I was not calling any person this.It was in discussion. I was put in jail for another such comment..not aimed at any individual. The last straw was when I was on a British Comic site about The Black Adder. They were discussing “witches” ..someone said they were “made of wood” and I commented “you burn them” which was a comment from Monty Python’s “Holy Grail” movie. I was immediately put in jail for a week! I was outraged at the injustice and tried in vain to contact someone to no avail. I went back to the Black Adder site and told the administrator what had happened. I noticed someone said the same comment on “burning witches” after me but that person’s comment was Not removed! I had been tagged by facebook and anything I said was considered Hate Speech…I am 70 years old and am a peace loving person. Someone else was calling Facebook a “Gestapo” for their unjust persecution of innocent people..and accusing them of promoting “Hate!”

  • SHOOT THE MESSENGER, which doesn’t mean to shoot anyone. it is from Plutarch’s Lives: “The first messenger, that gave notice of Lucullus’ coming was so far from pleasing Tigranes that, he had his head cut off for his pains; and no man dared to bring further information. Without any intelligence at all, Tigranes sat while war was already blazing around him, giving ear only to those who flattered him”.

  • Someone got a tattoo of a Manatee. I commented Sea Cow, because thats another name for them. Bam 30 days for bullying

  • I got suspended because I answered a question from a liberal journalist and he thought my answer was inappropriate so he reports me. Facebook needs to be replaced. If you don’t say nothing then it’s okay. Censorship is their main function theses days.

  • I appear to be in FB jail. I have no idea why – I did not see any notification from FB! But now I cannot start a post on any group on which I am a member except my own personal page. Not even my one business page, or a group that I started and am admin on. When I go onto a group all I see at the top is my profile picture and message box greyed out and “flashing” slowly.

    • Me too! Maybe it was that I “liked” too many posts in too short of a time. Banned me till Dec! First time violation of something I didn’t even know was a violation or an issue. No opportunity to appeal, or to ask for a review, no explanation as to why I was blocked from the two groups I am in. Both group Admins show no violations by me or reported to them. And my FB support inbox shows zero violations yet I am in Jail when it comes to “group posting”. sucks!

  • I am suspended 30 days for the fourth time. I never post porn, violence, etc. Example, 30 day suspension for s meme with a pic of a fully clothed woman laying in a shopping cart. It reads, “Oh look, someone must be returning their sandwich maker to Walmart.” That’s it, nothing bad. This time was only a picture of a hamster. I do post conservative views on politics, maybe I’m targetted for that. Im a 23 year military retiree. I am medically 100% disabled and retired. I fought for our constitution 7 tours including Desert Storm, OIF, and OEF. Sadly, despite fighting for our freedom, my 1st amendment right to free speech is taken from me by a nerd named Zuckerberg. My conservative friends keep getting suspended for small things as well. Not a single Liberal person on my friend list has ever been suspended despite posting worse things than most. This current suspension is a meme I posted 4 years in a row and I shared it from the FB memories and got suspended this time. They offered it as a memory then suspended me for posting it. Me and my friends just want to talk and have fun but the Z-nerd won’t allow it unless you are a liberal.

  • Oh, last ones, I was suspended 30 days each first bullying. First time Hillary Clinton, 2nd time was firmer CIA director John Brennan. Like either of them were ever gonna read my comment.

  • I just got banned from posting to any groups that I don’t moderate, even though I have no violations, so I can’t appeal. It says I’m banned until December 4, 219250468 at 10:30 a.m. What on earth? I have never had a violations ever, so I don’t know what this is about or why it happened or how to deal with it. Since I have no violations, it seems there’s no way to even contact them about it. Does anyone have any advice?

    • Same. If there’s more of us I’m wondering if it’s a glitch in the system somewhere. I wasn’t even on for almost 24 hours prior to my banning…. No idea what’s going on but I’m not overly amused.

    • Same exact thing happened to me last night, this is the msg I got “You’re temporarily restricted from joining and posting to groups that you do not manage until December 4, 219250468 at 9:30 AM. If you think this doesn’t go against our Community Standards let us know.” See my post above also!

    • The same thing happened to my wife today, with the same crazy date. Has to be a glitch. Hopefully Facebook fixes it soon.

  • They told me I’m restricted until December but only posting on my favorite group pages. The only thing I’ve ever done is report posts that are fraudulent, like someone using a obvious false name to get to to reply and send a friend notice.
    How do I appeal this?

  • I’m in jail now for posting a line taken directly from the script of Henry VIII, flagged as a death threat. In context, no rational, sane human being would have taken it as such.

    I have had posts removed for “spam” when in fact they were legitimate responses to the topic, containing a link to a web page or web site with pertinent information.

    In each case, the post could be considered as criticism of corporate interests or republican leaders, containing no foul language or insults, just factual statements backed by publicly records and studies.

  • why is FB banning stuff now that I posted 2-4 years ago? and y do the ban u if u post something that u got from FB?

  • i was just given a 30 day sentence for a short comment i added to a reply thst had been posted that said..Pelosi should be be impeached…” I added this..”and Hilary hung for treason.
    then i posted it (shared). i was voicing my opinion. Historically, traitors are hung. fb said (i think, ) that i was inciting to violence. i appealed and did not recant and imn for the 30 days.

    • Back in 2016, I posted a silly political meme that said: ‘ Don’t forget to vote in Nov. 6th, Republicans Nov. 8th’ … somebody got their knickers in a twist over that one…

  • I am in jail right now, and I have no idea why, or for how long.

    Months ago I was reprimanded for inappropriate comment ( actually sarcasm about immigrants, nothing harmful) but at least they TOLD me why. This time, I cannot comment on Washington post articles or other similar news posts. I can comment in other groups I belong to.

    I have filed many appeals and send Feedback about it, but after 4 days, absolutely no response. The only information I have is that I’ve exceeded some “limit” on something, but that doesn’t help much.

  • I’ve been banned twice for just absolutely ridiculous reasons. Once was for quoting a Doors song “When You’re Strange” the line “women seem wicked, when you’re unwanted” and they wouldn’t let me appeal. Today was the most ridiculous one. I’m in a gibberish group and I made a referral to a quest in the game Oblivion, where you slay painted trolls. So I commented “painted troll fat” as a gibberish comment and they banned me in minutes! 3 days this time for “bullying”.

  • I was suspended from Facebook for changing settings in my account. I didn’t think it was necessary to get an email every time one of my FB friends posted their dinner or picture, etc.

  • I was flagged for 30 days for telling my cousin I was going to kidnap her for the weekend, I do not feel this action was far, and was taken out of context

  • I get reported fir bullying when defending Black Lives Matter or the Vaccine against misinformation. It’s like no one at Facebook actually reads your post or what you are replying to.

  • Just got out after 30 days yesterday, this morning I got shown a meme posted over a year ago that is against standards. Nice welcome back. I’m afraid to even click ‘angry face’ now.

  • Had FB account “disabled 2 times in one week. First time it wiped out my friends/contacts. When it came back, I sent several friend requests and FB disabled the acct again the next day. Haven’t tried to sell anything, haven’t posted any porno or threatening material. I am retired, alone and unemployed and depend on FB for contact with friends and relatives.

  • My mother in law Delores k Miller in newportnews va got herself permanently banned for not following basic gguidelines.

  • i just got out of Facebook Jail and they just Put Me back in ” I did Not Say anything BAD But they Continue to Pick on Me ” Getting tired of there Nit Picking ‘ What HAPPEN to Free Speech ?

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