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How Much Does Google Adsense Cost? It’s NOT Free!

Today I want to help you understand a question that a lot of people have been asking, and that is, “How much does Google AdSense cost?” Now, you’ll probably say, “Well, I already know how much it costs. It’s free.” 

Google AdSense is free, from a monetary perspective. But the way that I see it, there is a cost to having Google AdSense on your website. In this post, I’ll talk a little bit about how Google AdSense works, whether or not it is worth it, and how to actually put it onto your website. 

UPDATE: If you have over 10,000 pageviews monthly, Ezoic is BY FAR the best option. At this point, ALL of my websites are on Ezoic as it’s proven to earn more money than both Adsense and


How Does Google AdSense Work?

To begin, how does Google AdSense work? There’s a lot to explain about this, and I’ve created another video about that, so click here to check that out.

In a simplified explanation, you put a piece of code on your website that allows Google to serves ads there. They do it automatically, which is awesome. You don’t have to do anything at all. 

They get the ads based on advertisers that use Google advertising to do placements. It’s a great system. But again, if you’re really interested, you can go ahead and watch that video.

The Cost of Google AdSense

So, what’s the cost of Google AdSense? You might think it doesn’t cost anything, but that’s not right. 

When somebody is on your website, you finally have them where you want them to be. The problem with Google AdSense is that once you have them there, you’re trying to get them to click on an ad to leave your site. 

Sometimes that click is going to be accidental and they’re going to click right back to your website. It’s awesome when that happens because then you don’t lose them. But sometimes they’re going to click on that ad and they’re going to actually leave. 

When someone leaves your website and they go somewhere else, they may no longer grow an affinity to you, so that’s one cost. 

The other thing you need to understand is that Google AdSense can hurt the reputation of your website. Meaning, some people will go to your website and see ads and think, “Oh, there are too many ads on this page.” 

They’ll get annoyed and they’ll actually dislike your brand simply because you have ads on your website. Now, this isn’t going to be every person, and it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have ads. It just means that sometimes that can occur. 

The last thing about Google AdSense is that it is a very low-revenue monetization strategy. When you are using Google AdSense, generally speaking, you are getting the bottom of the barrel in terms of revenue. 

I’ve found a way to make it work by getting a lot of different traffic a lot of different ways and getting a lot of different clicks on my websites, which is great. But the reality is, you can create informational products, do affiliate marketing, or find other ways to make a lot more money, but they take time.

They take a lot of effort. I personally like Google AdSense because it is a very passive income type of strategy. You make money while you’re sleeping. People are clicking on ads and you’re making money. 

The real sweet spot for a website is going to be when you use Google AdSense along with other monetization strategies. That’s where you make a lot of money. 

Is Google AdSense Worth It? 

Absolutely. I make over $25,000 a month in revenue. I would say about half of that comes from Google AdSense, so it’s totally worth it. It is a very passive income stream, but just be aware that you need to find a balance. Like anything else, too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing.

So, go ahead and test AdSense on your website. Test it in multiple places. It could definitely be another revenue stream for you. It’s definitely worth it, but understand that the way that you’re really going to make a lot of money is by combining different revenue streams. 

How to Get Started with Google AdSense

Lastly, some of you are saying, “Okay, this is great. Google AdSense doesn’t cost anything. Where do I get started?” I can help you.

I want to be the guy that helps you get to $50 a month, then $100, then $500, then $1,000. Then, maybe you’re paying off your mortgage every month. I want to be that guy. One of the best things you can do is go to and take my free mini-course.

Once you’re there, you can also click on “Learn the Truth” to read about online marketing. There’s a lot of really good content there to help you understand how I do things. 

I also share my income reports every single month, which is a great way for you to see inside my business and understand all the different revenue I’m making and all the expenses I have. 

Another helpful source is this video, where I talk about how to add Google AdSense to your website. It shows you the deep-down, in-the-trenches view on how to do it. This should help you understand how to quickly and easily put it on your website, and then go from there.

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