How to Start a Blog - 3-Step Guide

How to Start a Blog

Hey there!  So you’re ready to start your own blog, huh?

Let me be the first to say, Congrats! Having your own blog will help you professionally, let you write about something that you’re passionate about, and if it goes really well, it could become a business.

If you’re worried about how technical this is, don’t worry!  You can do this, I promise.

Follow my three-step guide below and I’ll walk you through the process of creating a blog from scratch.  By the end of the post, you’ll have a music blog to call your own.


Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that if you purchase a product, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission. I have used all of the products below and recommend them because I know they will help you and are from companies that I trust.

The Three Steps to Becoming a  Blogger

1) Domain Name and Blog Hosting

2) Installing WordPress on your blog

3) Making Your Blog look good

1) Domain Name and Blog Hosting

First things first, let’s give your website a name.

You probably already have some ideas in mind and that’s great!  Go over to Bluehost to get started and see if your domain name is available.

The first thing that Bluehost asks is what plan you want for your website hosting.  If you aren’t that technical, realize that website hosting is required for any website. Website hosting is the service that will store your website files and show the website to a visitor when they type in your URL or click on a link that goes to your website.

Personally, I recommend that you choose the starter option as it’s the cheapest one and includes a domain name, email, and $50 in marketing credits.  You can go for a more expensive option if you want, but the starter option should be just fine when getting started and you can always upgrade later.


The next step in the process is to request a domain name.  Like I said before, you probably have a few ideas in your head so type them in and see what’s available.  Make sure to use the “New Domain” box on the left side of the screen. Domain-Name-choice

The last step is to pick your hosting plan.  Simply put, hosting is where you put your website so that when people type in your domain, they’re able to see it.  For people just starting blogs, Bluehost is a great option because it works easily with WordPress, they don’t charge any setup fees, and they give you the domain name for free.

Below is a screenshot of the account plan I recommend you use, but feel free to change things as you see fit.


 Step 2) Installing WordPress on Your Blog

Now that you have your hosting, you need to take a few minutes to install WordPress for free.  Don’t be intimidated by this, Bluehost has made this very easy.  You can either follow my screenshots below, or here is a video that explains the process.

WordPress is the same blogging platform I use for One Hour Professor.  This platform is very simple to use and Bluehost has made it REALLY simple to install.

To get started, login to your Bluehost account and navigate to the “Hosting” and “Cpanel” areas as shown below.  You want to click on “One-Click Installs” to install WordPress.




On the next screen, click on “WordPress”



This is going to open up an installation window.  You’re going to want to click on the “Start” button where you can do a brand new install.Wordpress-start-install


The next screen tells you to select a domain where you would like to install.  All that you need to do is make sure the domain you just created for your music blog is selected here.  You might get a warning that you could overwrite files, but as long as you don’t have another website built yet, you can check the box and continue.

mojo-wordpress-domain-selectionMake sure that you click on “Show Advanced Options” for the next step.

This last section let’s you set up your username and password for WordPress.  Create a username and password that you will remember and is complicated so any would-be hackers can’t get into your website.  Make sure that the “Automatically create a new database for this installation” box and the terms and conditions boxes are checked and then select “Install Now”.


From here you’ll see the progress page and when complete, it provides you with your website URL, the admin login URL, your username, and password. This information (except your password) will also be emailed to you,  so make sure to keep it in a safe place or print out the email.

Guess what, your website is created!  I told you that Bluehost made it easy.  Now all you need to do is login to your website.


Type your admin login URL into your web browser and you’ll see a login screen like the one below. Enter your Username and Password here and you will be able to login to your new music blog.


 3) Making Your Blog Rock

Hey….let me be the first to say CONGRATULATIONS!  You’ve taken all of the necessary steps and now you can begin writing on your blog!

Even though you can now go to your website URL and see your website live (this could take about 15 minutes if you don’t see it right away) you may want to change the look of your theme.

There are a lot of options for this, including free themes, but below is what I recommend.

1)  Thesis Theme:  This theme is one of the greatest themes out there. It gives users an option to build pages with an interactive drag and drop interface that makes the whole “coding” requirement a thing of the past.

2) Themeforest:  This is a marketplace of themes that I absolutely love.  Select “WordPress” on the top right of the screen when you enter and find a theme that works best for you.

4) Optional step – Get a FREE Mini Course

If you need guidance to come up with your website idea and the beginning steps you need to take in order to make sure your blog is a success, I have created a FREE mini course that will help.  I highly recommend you check it out as it’s 100% free and will get you off on the right foot.