​​​​Recommended Resources

Because I spend a significant amount of time creating and growing online businesses, I thought it would be a good idea to create a page that lists all of the different resources that I recommend. Keep in mind that I will continue to add to this page in an effort to give you the best resources possible.

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Best Hosting For Beginners

Bluehost: Over the years I've realized that most of my following is beginner bloggers and this is why I recommend Bluehost.  While there are plenty of other hosts that are good,  Bluehost has customized their entire onboarding process to cater specifically to beginners.  Beyond that Bluehost is affordable, recommended by WordPress, and has good customer service.

Best site builder

Thrive Themes: This entire website was created using Thrive tools and I never ONCE had to speak with a developer.  Saves me time, money, sanity, and I really cannot recommend it enough.  Take a minute to check out my tutorial below, it includes numerous videos and details about Thrive.  It'll be the best decision you have ever made...ever....in your entire life.  (A little sarcasm there, but it really is a great platform)

Best logo creator

Tailor Brands: One of the first things that people do when they start an online business is go out and try to find someone to make their logo.  While it sounds like a pretty straight-forward process, I can't tell you how many times I've struggled to find exactly what I want.  That's where Tailor Brands comes in.  They give you an incredible DIY logo creator that'll allow you to make an amazing logo to properly represent your brand.

Best email platform

Constant Contact: Regardless of what kind of online business you've created, one of the best assets you can build is an email list.  Regardless of the size of your business, having a one-to-one communication method is absolutely crucial in order to build relationships with your audience.  Of all the different email marketing platforms available, I feel that Constant Contact is the best in terms of helping you succeed with email marketing tactics.

Best online course platform

Thinkific: One of my favorite online business models is to become an educator.  Maybe it's the professor in me, but I simply love to teach things to other people and enable them to grow as an individual.  Of all the different online course platforms out there, I feel think Thinkific is the best when it comes to both functionality and price.