​​​​Recommended Resources

Because I spend a significant amount of time creating and marketing online businesses, I thought it would be a good idea to create a page that lists all of the different resources that I recommend. Keep in mind that I will continue to add to this page in an effort to give you the best resources possible.

Disclosure: Please realize that many of the products that I list here are affiliate links. This means that if you purchase a product, at no additional cost to you (and sometimes I can even get you a discount), I will earn a small commission. Please understand that I only recommend products that I have used or have heard amazing things about. After all, when I give a recommendation for one of these products, I put my own professional reputation on the line and I promise you that’s not something that I take lightly.

Bluehost: Over the years I've realized that most of my following is beginner bloggers and this is why I recommend Bluehost.  While there are plenty of other hosts that are good,  Bluehost has customized their entire onboarding process to cater specifically to beginners.  Beyond that Bluehost is affordable, recommended by WordPress, and has good customer service.

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Thrive Themes: This entire website was created using Thrive tools and I never ONCE had to speak with a developer.  Saves me time, money, sanity, and I really cannot recommend it enough.  Take a minute to check out my tutorial below, it includes numerous videos and details about Thrive.  It'll be the best decision you have ever made...ever....in your entire life.  (A little sarcasm there, but it really is a great platform)

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Thrive Architect: Another Thrive Product made my top tools list.  Why?  Because it's a requirement in my eyes.  Thrive Architect is a wordpress plugin that allows you to build amazing looking web pages with point and click functionality, no coding required!  This tool will save you hours of time and hundreds of dollars from your web developer.  

(Visit the Website) or (View My In-Depth Review & Tutorial)

Aweber: There are so many different email platforms for people to choose from nowadays that’s it’s difficult to recommend just one. However, I personally use AWeber as an email solution for this website and all of my others because it is very simple to use, cheap, and incredibly reliable. One of my favorite aspects of it is that it has an autoresponder, which allows email to send automatically , essentially automating all of your marketing efforts.

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Dragon Naturally Speaking Software: This software allows you to speak into a microphone, hands-free, and types your words for you. It’s incredibly accurate, easy to use, and pretty darn cheap for what it does. With this software, my typing speed went from around 60 WPM to 150 WPM and I don’t have to be hunched over at a desk while I create blog posts anymore. In my opinion, every blogger needs this because it saves a ton of time.

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ShutterStock: I absolutely hate paying for website images because they are grossly overpriced, but I would hate getting sued for trademark infringement even more. For high quality photos, I use Shutterstock because I think they are the most affordable solution.  If you are looking for high quality images for a reasonable price, check out this resource.

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