​​​​How to Start a Blog – Ultimate Guide

Hey Guys!  Super excited that you're looking to start a website and wanted to make you aware of an affiliate partnership I have with Siteground hosting that I think you're going to love.  What they've allowed me to do is offer all of my website visitors FREE hosting for a month to give their service a try.

Before I begin, I want to answer six common questions;

1: What is the cost of this after the first month?

A:  It depends on the plan you select, but I advise you to choose the cheapest plan which costs $3.95/month (No, that is not a typo).

2: Do I Need a Domain Name to Get This Hosting Right Now?

A:  No!  With the partnership I have, the hosting sets you up on a free hosting plan with a sub domain and later you will transfer a domain name into your account.  In other words, you can sign up for hosting now and then figure out the domain name later.  I also created a whole section on this page to help you choose the perfect domain name to help you out.

3:  Why should I trust your hosting recommendation?

A:  As shown in my income reports, I make over $20,000 per month with my portfolio of websites.  I've seen failures and I've seen success, but most of all I've been able to learn how to help you navigate the way to a successful website of your own.  That....and I've tried MULTIPLE hosting platforms previously (including Hostgator and Bluehost) and I know for a fact that Siteground is better.  

4: I don't know the technical aspect of setting up a website, can you help?

A:  Yes!  After you set up your account scroll further down this page and you'll see my quick tutorial to get you started.

5: Why don't you recommend Bluehost?  I see them mentioned a lot by other people.

A:  Frankly, I've tried Bluehost and do not like their service...at all.  They actually pay a higher commission than the affiliate program at Siteground (which I think is why they are recommended so much) but I want to make sure my website visitors get the best website hosting.  I'm willing to sacrifice money out of my own bank account because I refuse to recommend bad products/providers.  

6:  Why should I start today?

A:  How long have you thought about doing this?  My guess is it's been in the back of your head for awhile.  If you started when you first thought about it, you'd be much further ahead.  Stop delaying...stop waiting...stop making excuses.  Just start already, you'll never be successful if you never start.  

Now that the questions are answered, let's get started.  

1) Choosing a Website Host (Start Here)

There's no shortage of website hosts out there.  Trust me when I say that I've tried most of the popular ones.  Personally I've had accounts with Bluehost, Hostgator, and GoDaddy, among others.  What I've learned is that there are two things that really matter most with a website host.

1) Support:  Without good support, it's nearly impossible to properly run your website(s).  I can't tell you how many times I've called, live chatted, or emailed support from my host to find an answer to a question I had.  

2) Server Uptime and Speed:  Having a server that will serve your website to your website visitors quickly is important not just for user experience, but also from an SEO perspective.  I host 90% of my websites on one host that's not just cost effective, but also has servers that are efficient and reliable.

What host is it that I recommend and have used for over 4 years straight after trying so many others?

Siteground, 100% without a doubt, this is my most recommended choice.

But even better, I have a partnership with them where I can offer you a free month of hosting.

2) Choosing a Website Domain Name

I feel that there are 11 things that people NEED to know prior to buying a domain name.  For this section, feel free to view the video below or read the text. whatever is best for you.  

First things first, do NOT spend too much time creating your website domain name.  I'm not saying you should rush into this decision, but oftentimes people get stuck here and frankly, it's a bit ridiculous.

I tend to give myself one hour to come up with a domain name and no longer.  Why do I put that time limit on myself?

Because the domain name isn't the most important thing about your website.  The most important thing about your website is the content you create and if you never get started on that because of a domain name, you'll never allow yourself to be successful.

That said, there are some important things I've realized over time with your domain name that you should pay attention to.

1) Buy a .com Domain Name:  I know, technically speaking all of the different domain extensions have no bearing on you from an SEO standpoint.  But, truth be told 

2) Buy Your Domain Name Separate From Your Hosting Provider:  If someone ever hacks your hosting account (which is usually where people target) they'll be able to transfer your domain name!  Having it on a third-party provider is best.   For this, I recommend that you use Namecheap.  That said, you can always transfer the domain later if you're just starting out. 

3) Stay Broad With the Domain Name:  One of the biggest mistakes I made when I started out was being too specific with my URL's.  When you do this, you make it so that it's very difficult to expand as a brand.  So, it's best to choose a broad domain name.

4) Short and Sweet is Best:  The shorter the domain is, the easier it is to remember.  Try not to have too many words in your domain name or use long words.  I'd say 3-4 words max is ideal. 

5) Alliteration is King:  I'm a huge fan of using alliteration in my domain names if I can.  This basically means that each word in the domain starts with the same letter or same sound.  Examples would be CatHat.com or CatChristmas.com  Why did I choose cat alliterations?  ​I don't know....because....cats.  Duh.

6) Use Creativity to Get Your Domain Name: What you'll find is that most domain names are already taken.  So instead of giving up on a name you love, use a Thesaurus to find similar words with the same meaning.  This is probably the thing that helps me most while choosing a domain name.

7) Add Extra Words if Nothing Else Works:  Did you know Facebook.com started off as TheFacebook.com?  The reason being that Facebook.com was taken, so Mark Zuckerberg decided it would be best to just purchase his URL with "the" in front of it and focus on creating an awesome project.  Years later, he removed "the" and purchased Facebook.com.  Take a page from him and do the same thing. Adding The, HQ, Hub, Home, World, etc. will allow you to get a URL you like that you can always change later.

8) Think of a Concept With Your Domain Name:  When you buy a domain name, you want to think about how it could be bigger and what it could be branded as.  For example, one of my many failed project was GoodNewsGum.com.  The concept?  Chew. Smile. Repeat.  As in, chew on the news we have, smile, repeat by coming back to us.  Great concept with the domain name, but I never knew just how brutal a news website would be so I stopped it.  The point is, think of an overall concept of where it COULD go in the future.

9) Still Stuck?  Use Tools:  There are plenty of tools out there to help you such as NameMeshInstantDomainSearch, and LeanDomainSearch.  There are plenty of others, but these are my favorites.  If you're stuck and not feeling creative, just use their services to find what you need. To be clear though, I would use their services to find a domain you like and then buy it from Namecheap.

10) Don't Buy a Domain Name:  People sometimes fall in love with a domain name and are willing to spend hundreds or even thousands for it.  My question is, WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?  If your website isn't successful and not profitable, don't waste your money.  Instead, buy a cheap domain name that's *pretty good* and spend the rest of that money on content to grow the business.

11) Don't Get Stuck Here:  Too many times people get stuck in this step and don't move forward.  DO NOT DO THIS.  A domain name is important, but if you spend more than a day thinking about it you're taking too long.  Figure out a name and GO.  Your execution of the business idea is much more important than the name.  After all, if you don't execute, no one is going to see the website anyway.  

How to Buy and Transfer Your Domain Name

Quite a few people were asking how to add a domain name to Siteground hosting from another provider like Namecheap, so I figured I would create this video.  Keep in mind, Siteground support is awesome so if you get stuck at any time, please reach out to them directly.  

3) Getting Started With WordPress

Now that you've purchased your website and have a domain name, you want to start making your website.  And I don't blame you!  I'ts an exciting time and it's going to be the way that I recommend that you carve your path to becoming a successful entrepreneur!

But in order to begin, you need to understand the basics of WordPress.  In the tutorial below, I explain how to put WordPress on your website and some of it's features.  This is a great way to learn the absolute basics and start writing.