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If you’re just starting an online business, you’re quickly going to realize that there are a lot of different tools you need to be able to use in order to be successful. For some, one of the hardest things to do with online business is mastering all those tools.

It can be pretty difficult if you’re not a tech-savvy person because there are so many different platforms that are available for so many different things. There are email platforms for sending emails to people, course platforms for creating courses, blogging platforms for blogging, and so on. 

Not only do you have to understand all these platforms and their functions, but you also need to pay for all of them which can get pretty pricey over time.

But did you know there are platforms out there called “all-in-one platforms” that give you all of the functionality in one place?

In this post, I want to tell you about a new platform I found that I think is perfect for beginning bloggers who are technologically challenged or who just want to get an all-in-one solution. The tool I’m talking about is called

Now, if you’ve never heard of this platform before, that’s okay. Just understand when you start with it, just like anything else, there is a little bit of a learning curve. However, the learning curve for this tool is easier to deal with because it gives you everything you need in one interface.

That way, you’re able to manage everything in one place and at a fraction of the cost of all the other tools combined, which is really important. 

Not only are you going to save some time learning the platforms but you’re also going to save some money, which is essential to growing a successful business. That being said, let’s go ahead and get started.

For those who don’t want to read this whole post, here’s a video walk-through. If you do purchase, I’d be grateful if you supported me by clicking on this link to purchase.

What is 

This is really an all-in-one solution that gives you every tool you need to start your online business. I know that sounds crazy because there are so many different tools. actually has all the different levers and everything that you need in one place, on one platform, which is pretty crazy. 

The founder actually reached out to me and was like, “Hey, would you be willing to show this to your audience?” I didn’t get paid for this, but I basically said, “Okay, I’ll check it out.” 

I only recommend things that I think are pretty cool, and this is definitely a pretty cool platform for a lot of those beginners who don’t want to deal with all the technology.

First, let’s look at the features. As you can see below, they have a button that says “Get Your Free Trial.” I do ask that if you’re going to try the free trial, please use my link

If you use my affiliate link it will still be free, but if you end up paying for anything I’ll get a commission off of that. I appreciate the support; it helps me create more content and pay for my editor.

Sales funnels

The first feature that offers is the ability to build a sales funnel. If you’re trying to get someone to purchase an item like a digital product, an info product (i.e. a PDF), or something like that, then you want to get them into a sales funnel.

This means they start at the top and then they drop down to another level where you qualify them further, then they drop down to another level and so on until they actually purchase the product. It’s actually really similar to ClickFunnels but it’s a lot cheaper—I’ll talk about the cost in a minute. 

Email marketing

Next we have email marketing, which is usually a pain to do. There are a lot of different platforms out there, but this has email marketing baked into the solution, which I think is pretty cool. It can actually save you a ton of money because email marketing platforms are pretty expensive. 

Selling products directly

They also give you the ability to sell products. You can connect directly with Stripe or PayPal to sell your products. The neat thing is that you can also add upsells, downsells, and order bumps to your sales funnels. 

In other words, if somebody buys one thing for $5, you can then try right after they buy it to upsell to a more expensive thing for $20 or $50, or whatever it is. It’s pretty cool that you can do that within this platform. 

Online courses

They also have this “More Features” area as you can see below. If you’re trying to make an online course they have a whole module just for that. 

Drop shipping

They have the ability to do drop shipping and to help you create a funnel to get people to purchase drop shipping products. You can basically set up a whole drop shipping business right on their platform, which is pretty awesome.


If you look at a blog, they have the ability to let you do that as well. They do have a whole blogging platform within. 

Evergreen webinars

Additionally, they let you run evergreen webinars. When you’re running evergreen webinars, you do a one-time recording of the webinar and then play it maybe once a week.

You use ads to bring people in, drop them into your funnel, and then they’ll end up purchasing your product at the end of it. In my opinion, this is a big deal and will add a lot of value.

Create your own affiliate program

They also have the ability to create an affiliate program within the platform which is great. Let’s say you’re selling a course and it’s doing pretty well; you can then create an affiliate program, give it to other people and say, “Hey, see what your audience thinks,” and split the cost of the course. 

If you charge $100., you give $50 to them, you keep $50 yourself, and it just grows your audience, so that’s a really big benefit. 

Automate your business

Then (and this is one of the biggest things I think) you can automate your business. If you’re just starting off or you’re not fully into it yet, automating your business is key to growing it. Automate as much as you can because there are so many different places to be and so many different things to do and this gives you the ability to do all of it.

A/B testing

They also allow for A/B testing. You can basically test one page vs. another using different designs to see which one wins and gets more email signups or gets more people to attend a webinar or whatever you’re trying to do. 

Overall, there are some really cool things that this platform does; just one more reminder, if you are thinking about trying it, please use my affiliate link

Who is the Founder of

Let me talk a little bit about the founder of I thought this was really important because most likely, you probably haven’t heard of this tool or maybe you have in passing but it’s not super popular yet and I think I know why. 

The founder’s name is Aurelien. He reached out to me directly and explained a little bit about his story when he talked to me about the tool and I thought, “Okay, well I should definitely include this.”

Started as a consultant

He actually started out in France. From my understanding, he moved around a little bit but he was primarily in France. When he started as a consultant, he was working with different companies and getting kind of frustrated because he was doing these different things for all these different companies and thinking, “Why isn’t there an all-in-one solution for this?” 

Started some blogs and became frustrated with all the tools

He struggled through it and started some blogs and became more frustrated with how many different tools he had to use to do everything. That is a really big problem for a lot of different entrepreneurs, especially if you get overwhelmed easily. I get it, for some people that’s really hard.

Launched in France

He was a pretty successful blogger as a whole, but because he was frustrated with everything, he decided to launch in France. That’s why you may notice that some parts of the website are in French. 

Became a massive hit

It quickly became a massive hit and he had over 4,000 customers in the country. He started to do really well with it and eventually he thought, “Okay, I really have something here. Now I want to bring it to the American audience.” I think that push is one of the reasons why he reached out to me.

The point that I wanted to make with telling you guys this, is that this guy is the real deal. He’s had a pretty good taste of success, and he’s done pretty well with this platform. 

I don’t know how he was able to build some of this functionality all in one like this, it’s kind of crazy to me, but it’s pretty cool but he is the real deal. It’s a business that’s been around, and now they’re just coming to the American market and trying to make it even bigger.

How Much Does Cost?

Very transparent in pricing model

You’re probably thinking, “Okay, that sounds like it should be super expensive,” but it’s actually pretty affordable for what it is. As you can see below, startup, $27 a month. 

If you’re just starting out guys, $27 a month is pretty cheap. That’s cheaper than most email platforms. With 5,000 contacts, unlimited emails, sales funnels, blogs, three membership sites it’s pretty affordable.

They have unlimited storage space, membership site members, marketing automation, one-click upsells, order bumps, Stripe integration, PayPal, you can run your own affiliate program, and they have 24/7 email and chat support.

The webinar, which is $47 a month, includes everything I talked about before but with 10,000 contacts, five membership sites, two custom domains, three evergreen webinars, some coupon codes and A/B tests. 

Lastly, and I’m just going to be honest with you, I don’t think most people that watch this need it, especially when you’re starting out, but it basically includes everything as well as a one-on-one kickstart coaching session. You can get it if you want, but I don’t know if that’s necessarily required. 

Sign-up for a FREE Trial

But like I said, if you’re going to even start this you can click on my link and try a free trial for 14 days, see what you think, and see where it goes. 

If I was doing this right now, I would get the one that’s $47 per month because of the custom domains. I think that’s a big deal to have your own custom domain, but you can go with whatever if you like the platform after the 14 days.

How Can Help You?

So, how can Systeme.IO help you? Well, it’s pretty simple. 

If you’re overwhelmed by tech headaches, this is a great solution

If you get overwhelmed by all the tech stuff and you’re not really into having all these different systems and you get frustrated by it, this really is a great solution. Everything is built under one platform, so you basically log in and then you have the ability to do all these things that you’d otherwise have to buy a bunch of different tools for. 

All tools under one roof and they work well together

The other thing that’s great about this is that because it’s all built by one company under one platform and there’s one login, it’s all the same codex. What I mean by that is that everything should work seamlessly with other things. 

Their emailing will work really well with their webinars which will work really well with their funnels. That’s not always the case when you’re trying to connect the dots between different software. You usually get hiccups.

But back to pricing—those prices are really affordable compared to some of the other solutions out there. As you can see below, ClickFunnels start at $97 a month and goes to $297 a month, and then $1,500 a month. 

That is a platform that is very comparable to this, but they obviously have a significantly higher cost for their services. This really is a premium product at a much lower price.

Pros of

Now let’s talk a little bit about the pros and cons. 

Great for beginners

One pro is that this platform is great for beginners. For those who get overwhelmed, it will really help you out. It’ll give you a lot of different tools that you would have had to pay hundreds or maybe even thousands for otherwise.

Amazing email tutorials on sign up

They also have some amazing email tutorials. Right when you sign up, they have an autoresponder that goes out that says “Hey, this is what you need to look at.” It guides you really well, so he did a great job putting that together. 

Eases tech headaches

It eases all the tech headaches. Like I said, connecting all these different platforms is not that easy if you have disparate platforms. This eliminates that problem because it’s all built under the same thing. 

Things just work 

The other thing with this that I like is that things just work because it’s all on one platform. You don’t have to put a lot of thought into it. The ease of everything is kind of crazy; it’s so much easier to use this, and things just work. 

Don’t have to be a coding expert

You also don’t have to be a coding expert to use this. They do allow some custom stuff that you can do, but generally speaking, it’s pretty templated. You basically click a button and boom, you have this beautiful landing page. If you check out the free trial and click around, you’ll see what I mean.

Automation of many tasks

They also have the ability to do automate many tasks and some of those tasks are pretty difficult. Like what I was talking about earlier with evergreen webinars—if you’re trying to set up a platform within a platform and do all this stuff with evergreen webinars, that can actually be pretty complicated. However, this tool has it built-in which is a great thing. 

Another example would be if you want to have people sign up for an email and then you want to push them into a funnel and then you want to get them to buy a course. You might have to buy two or three different platforms to do that. 

With this, you don’t have to. It is all integrated seamlessly and the person that signs up goes from Step One to Step Two to Step Three all in the same platform. That whole thing is a huge pro, you guys. If you’re new, you may not understand it but I assure you that that’s a really big pro.

Cons of

Complicated platform

In terms of the cons, it’s a complicated platform. I love how they have all the different tools that they have and all the different things that they have, but it becomes pretty overwhelming pretty quickly if you don’t go through the tutorials.

Having so many options is both the beauty and the curse of the platform. But if you have patience and you go through the tutorials, I assure you it is well worth it.

No integrations with third parties

The integrations that they have with third parties don’t exist, so they really don’t integrate with other third parties. This kind of makes sense because they’re trying to build a platform that has everything all in one. 

It can be a little bit difficult at times if you like a particular thing about another platform and you want to integrate with it. You just can’t do that, so it’s kind of a closed-door. 

But again, for beginners, I just think it’s a good move to join because you get a lot of function out of it you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Limited design freedom

They also have limited design freedoms. There’s some customization that you could do, but you’re a little bit limited in your design. You can’t go full-out and really create all this brand new stuff from scratch. 

However, they do have some templated stuff that looks nice, and I’ll show you in the tutorial below.

Some say support is lacking

I didn’t experience this but some people say that the support was lacking at times. They’ve been great to me but that’s something to keep in mind as well. I didn’t see many people saying this, so that’s all I’ll say about that.

Tutorial of

Now, let me go into the tutorial and actually show you this. What you’ll be seeing is actually my second

account. With the first account I had, I played around with a lot of things until my trial had basically run out.

After playing around with it I was like, “Oh, this is cool,” so this is another account. I don’t have anything in here but I just want to show you. Below you can see the dashboard. 

First, you’ve got the affiliate dashboard if you are an affiliate of theirs and you’ve got the marketplace that brings you into this area you can see below that talks about other tools you can utilize if you want to. 

They’ve also got contacts here. When people are signing up for your email list, this is where they are all going to be listed. It’s nice because you can kind of toggle these things on or off.

Then, as you can see below they also have funnels. I’m going to actually create one of these and call it “First Funnel” and select “Build an audience: Get people’s email address to build your email list.”

So then you say “Create” and go to your squeeze page. Here you can see all these little neatly designed pages that they’ve created, and you could basically go with any of these. 

If you have a real-estate-type business, you could preview the one pictured below. That’s pretty nice, right? For a landing page, this is pretty good-looking.

So you could say, “Okay, that’s the winner. I want to go with that one.” Then you can name it and do automation rules. As you can see below, they’ve got this if-then statement which I really like. So, if a certain thing happens, then the action is this. 

I also like how they have split testing. That was the first page, but if I say, “Hey, you know what? I want to do a variant,” then you could select a variant to it. 

They also have stats and sales which is cool because this is all wrapped up into one platform, so it’s all right here. That means you don’t have to go around and find all this stuff.

Basically that squeeze page is, “Hey, we’re going to first send them to that page to have them sign up.” Once they do sign up, then you have to decide what to give them as a thank you page. These are your options below.

You can also create steps in between it and say, “Here’s a different opt-in, and here are different things that I want to do in terms of pushing them in certain directions, whether it be sales, webinars, or an info page.” 

You can set it up so they link from this thank-you page over to these other steps. There are a lot of different things you can do. 

If a funnel is disabled, you can also create a page (pictured below) and put in text here and say, “Right now, the course is_____.” If you’re doing a funnel for a course, you’d say, “The course isn’t for sale.” 

That’s a very generic version of what the funnel would be just to select email. Again, there’s a lot more to it, and they do have some great tutorials, but I like how they have all those neatly designed pages right there for you.

They also have emails, so you can manage all your emails or create a newsletter, and like I said the nice thing is that all of these contacts you have for your email list are actually inside this one platform. You don’t have to go to an email provider, logging in, and getting that information. It’s all in one place which is pretty neat. 

You can also go here to see the campaigns. A campaign is like a sequence of emails. A lot of people call them autoresponders.

This is if you want to say, “Okay, when someone signs up today, then two days from now I want to send them this, and three days from now I want to send them this,” and you want to bring them down an automation sequence. 

As I said, you can also write blog posts. As you can see below, they have this template right now. They may add some more in the future, but this is what they have now.

You can enter the title of the blog, describe what it’s going to be, and then it will tell you you can edit the URL path which is good for SEO.

Automation rules is really where things get interesting because you can add tags. So, if someone signs up to your email list from a specific page, then you can say, “Okay, let’s add the tag that they came in on this particular page.” 

After they come in, you can start pitching them on an evergreen webinar funnel and that type of thing so they can watch the webinar. That’s the only example that comes to mind, but there are so many different things you can do here.

Like I said, the tutorials are great. I don’t want to go all over it here, but you can do so many different things where these automation rules are so important because it makes it so that people do one thing, then this happens and if they do another thing, then this happens. 

When you’re in this business, you’ll realize over time that those automations allow you to work people through a funnel. Eventually, you’ll get to the point where you pass them through 10-15 different things, and by the end of it they end up earning you $1,000 or something like that. That’s not crazy; people do this. 

Also, if you’re selling products and you want to give out coupons for a course or info product, whatever it may be, you can create a subscription community, you can have course bundles, affiliate invoices, etc.

I know I didn’t give you a full tutorial of everything, but hopefully this gives you an idea of all the functionality that actually has. It’s tough for me to even create this tutorial and this review because I was like, “Wow, you guys do so much.” 

Again, it takes some time to learn this, so if you do try out the free trial, play around with it, see what you think, but definitely check out the tutorials that they’ll email to you. 

Watching the tutorials is really important because getting this is one thing, but actually using it correctly and as powerfully as you can is another.

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