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7 Ways to Monetize a Website Without Adsense

Today I want to give you seven different ways to monetize your website, aside from using ads. Monetizing a website is tough, especially in the beginning. But the reality is, if you never take this step, then you’re never going to generate revenue. 

If you never generate revenue, then your business is going to simply fail. When most people create a website and start getting a little bit of traffic, they throw ads onto it and think, “Okay, that’s it. I’m going to make a million dollars.” Then, they find out that they don’t make a million dollars.

Instead, they make a few pennies here and there, but definitely not enough to quit their job. In these types of situations, what is it that you should do? That’s the question you’re trying to answer by coming here. 

I’m going to give you seven great ideas to make money that you can try on your own website. I do want to disclose that I’ve used every single one of these successfully, so I know that they work; you can make them work, too.

I want to start by saying that if you don’t know who I am, my name is Professor Ron, otherwise known as One Hour Professor. I’ve been really successful with websites and rght now, I have a portfolio that generates over $25,000 in revenue every single month.

The point of me telling you this is not to gloat, but to tell you that I know what I’m talking about. If you’re interested, check out these income reports, because a lot of people like to see how much I make every month, where I spend my money, challenges, etc. 

Let’s go ahead and jump into it. Some of these you may have of heard before, but I have some interesting ideas or takes on them because I’ve done them myself. I did try to include some that you probably haven’t heard of before. 


1) Affiliate Marketing

Number one is affiliate marketing, which is basically when you refer someone to buy a product, software, or service and you get a commission for it. For example, if you refer people over to to purchase a product, then you can make some money. 

A lot of people do this with websites that do “Best X for Y.” They may do, “Best Microphone for Podcasters,” and if people buy something from that blog post, they’ll make some money.

That’s great, but the thing to understand is that Amazon is not the only solution. A lot of companies have individual and private affiliate programs. I highly recommend that if you’re ever not sure, just type in the company’s name along with “affiliate program” into Google, and a lot of times you will find a result you’ll be happy with.

2) Consulting

Number two is consulting. This is pretty self-explanatory, but if you use your website (like I’ve done myself) to showcase your expertise, and you get readers, become ranked in Google, and people find you, you can then turn around and say, “Hey, I can sell consulting to you to help you do the same.” You could do this with whatever your topic is, which could be a lot of different things.

I recommend to always try selling packages. Don’t just sell one call at a time. Tell them, “Okay, I can have a call with you, but I have packages of three.” I do that because if I just give them one and they don’t take action, they’re not really going to see results. So by doing three (or they could do five or ten), I make sure they see results.

3) Sell an E-product

Number three is to sell an E-product or a digital product. If you have people coming to your website, you’ve established trust with them, and they’re starting to read your content and come back, then you can sell something like an e-book or a course. 

There are people out there who have courses that sell for literally thousands of dollars, but those courses are 10-20 hours worth of content. I recommend what I did, which is to begin with selling it for somewhere between $10 to $20. 

This will at least whet their appetite and you’ll be able to see if you can get people to buy something. Once someone buys something from you, it’s like a light bulb goes off and you’re like, “Wow, I can really do this!” 

I’d definitely give that a shot. I think that’s one of the most realistic ways to make some money, besides ads, when you’re starting out.

4) Start Partnerships to Sell Leads

Number four is to start partnerships to sell leads. The idea is pretty simple—if your website is able to make leads for any type of service business, like painters or roofers or lawyers (whatever it may be), all you need to do is find someone who’s willing to buy those leads.

The best types of companies to partner with are the ones that already have a nationwide network. Although they’ll probably buy leads from you a little bit cheaper than what you could get otherwise, it’s nice because they’ll buy them for $10, $20, $30 per lead, and then disperse them.

To find these companies, just do a Google search and see what’s out there. It really depends on your niche, but they exist and you should definitely check it out.

5) Sponsored Posts

Number five is sponsored posts. You do have to be careful with this. Basically, when your website gets pretty popular, whether it be from a domain authority perspective after you’ve gotten a lot of backlinks, or you have a lot of visitors, people are going to start approaching you and saying, “Hey, do you take guest posts?”

When they do that, you need to tell them, “Yes I do, but be aware that I am going to mark it as a sponsored post for Google.” That tells them that, “Yes, I can advertise you to my audience, but I am also going to mark it as sponsored.” 

Google has a little tag for you to do this that you can check out here. Once you make them aware, the individual knows they will get a backlink, but it will be marked as sponsored. As long as they’re contacting you for the right reasons to advertise to your audience, this is a win-win for everybody.

6) Create a Membership Program

Number six is to create a membership program. This is pretty self-explanatory, but you create some type of membership group that people can join and ask them to pay a certain amount of money to do it. 

Even if this is a low amount, like $10 a month, and you have a hundred people in it, that’s an extra thousand dollars a month. The beauty of this one is you don’t have to have a ton of people visiting your website in order to do it. 

You just need to have a close-knit community on a small, niche website and charge them 10 bucks a month to join. Then, if they’re able to pay that, you’ll be getting recurring income, which is a great thing.

7) Sell Products via Amazon FBA

I’ve saved the best for last—number seven is to sell products via Amazon FBA. Now let me explain this a little further. The idea here is that you write some type of affiliate review post on your website, like “Best X for Y.” 

If you’ve got it ranked number one on Google, or it’s really high-up and doing well, then you would create a product yourself, or outsource and wholesale a product from someone else, and mark that as the best product on your own list.

When you do that, you are able to then take that product, ship it over to Amazon, and Amazon will do the fulfillment for you. The beauty of this is that you are able to list your own product at the top of the results and people then click on that product and buy it from Amazon. When they do that, they are actually buying your product. 

You may be number one for that type of product on Google, but then you might also be able to get to number one on Amazon for the same keywords. That is like the holy grail—that is a “search engine monopoly,” as I call it. Once you’re able to achieve that, it is a very lucrative thing. 

One thing to note is that I have done this myself, and by doing so, the products that I had featured at number one on Google and Amazon were really, really successful.

All right, guys. So that’s my list of the seven different things that you can do to monetize your website besides ads. I think the key here is that you don’t necessarily need a huge website to make money with these.

A lot of these will work in really small, niche websites. If you have a tight community that’s built with trust, you can actually make a lot more money by doing this than by using the shotgun approach of having ads all over the place. 

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