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10 Work at Home Jobs that Pay Over $100/Day

You’re either here because you’re unemployed and looking for work, or you’re at a soul-sucking corporate job and trust me, I know that pain because I went through it myself. Or, maybe you’re looking for some work-from-home jobs to make a little bit of extra money. 

Regardless of your situation, you are here because you are looking for legitimate work-from-home jobs. I’m not going to give you guys a typical list and talk about filling out surveys and that sort of thing.

That’s not what this list is at all. This is a list of 10 legitimate jobs that you could do from home and make over $100 a day. 

I’ve done some of these myself, so I know that they are legitimate.


1) Transcription/Captioning/Translating

The first job idea is to start off with transcription, captioning, or translation services. I started with this one because it’s a very low barrier to entry. Basically, if you can hear audio and you are able to type, you can do this job. 

The transcription is usually going to be focused on audio files. There are a lot of different types of transcription out there: medical transcription (which you need to understand some medical coding and lingo to do), general transcription, legal transcription, etc. 

All you do is listen to audio and type what the people are saying. You’re doing that because sometimes people need things in text. 

As an example, when lawyers are going through a deposition or they’re using a court case and looking through everything that was said, they need to have it in writing. They can’t just play audio to the court, which is why they need transcriptionists.

In addition to that, there are people who write captions for videos, for the visually impaired. 

YouTube does this automatically now, and Google also helps, but the truth is it’s not very accurate. Sometimes people want someone to really dive in and make sure that everything’s correct, so they hire somebody to write the captions.

Lastly is translation. Now, translation is just what it says—someone will be speaking in one language, maybe English, and someone else wants to have everything in Spanish, so they say, “Hey, I need someone to translate this into English first and then translate it over to Spanish.” It takes a little bit more time, but it pays more and a lot of people need that as well.

In terms of where you can find these jobs, there are really two places that I think are very good. The first is This is a place where people can go to get jobs that come into them because they’re good at marketing. They need translators, captionists, and transcriptionists to fulfill these jobs.

You could also go to, where you can find a lot of freelance jobs. It’s like a freelance jobs marketplace, and there are always a lot of jobs listed there.

2) Blog Writer

Number two is to be a blog writer. This is something that I do quite a bit, myself. For those who don’t know, I have a portfolio of about seven different websites, so I hire writers all the time. Just so you know, I’m not hiring a writer right now. 

I will say to the writer, “I need you to write about this particular topic. I’ll give you some training so you have an article to reference. You would be writing content for me every single week.”

This is definitely in demand. I feel like a lot of people don’t realize how good an opportunity this is, but there are a lot of small businesses and websites that do what I do. 

Writing takes time, and for me, I’m too busy to handle that part of the business. I need to handle other parts of it, so I hire writers.

In terms of where you can find this work, there are many different places, but I have two favorites. First is the ProBlogger job board, which has many different listings from website owners who are looking for writers, so it’s great to start there. 

Second, I would again suggest There are a lot of people who have websites and are actively looking for writers. If you are a U.S.-based individual and your first language is English, a lot of people are looking for that skill. Just by speaking English and being able to write reasonably well, you’ll have a leg up on most people.

3) Copywriters

Number three is copywriters. Now, copywriters are the next step up above a writer. This is for someone who’s really good with grammar and punctuation. Writers will submit their content to the copywriter, and the copywriter will look over the grammar and punctuation to make sure it is all good. 

In that particular position, it’s important that you pay a lot of attention to detail and that you understand grammar and punctuation. You are the last line of defense to make sure that that website owner has good content on their website.

In terms of where to actually find these jobs, again, you can go to the ProBlogger Job board or I don’t mean to repeat Upwork again, but they have a lot of good jobs listed there.

4) Virtual Assistant

Number four is to become a virtual assistant. Now you may be saying, “What is a virtual assistant?” Maybe you haven’t heard of this before, but this is an individual who works from home and assists another individual with various tasks. 

It’s very important that you’re good at following directions. I have my own virtual assistant who works with me; her name is Mary, and she’s awesome. 

An individual like myself will give you a set of instructions to follow. Just make sure to be clear with everything you’re doing. 

I have my virtual assistant give me a summary of the day on what happened and if there were any questions. We have worked together for three years now, so this is like an executive assistant, just virtually.

In terms of finding work as a virtual assistant, there are a few places that will help you. The first is Upwork. Yes, Upwork makes another appearance, but it’s really good, so you have to check that out. 

There is also a Facebook group that is a virtual assistant community of sorts. That’s a good place to go to find these types of jobs, and also to get advice.

5) Customer Service

Number five is customer service. This is something that can usually be done remotely. You have to understand there are a lot of different websites out there that do e-commerce. You take calls over the phone for brick-and-mortar businesses, then you transfer them over. 

There are a lot of different types of customer service needs. For this, you just need to be able to talk to people, pay attention, and follow directions. It’s really not that difficult, but there will be challenges along the way. 

To find these jobs, you can go to a website called Or, you can go over to, where you can find a lot of listings.

6) Graphic Designer

Number six is being a graphic designer. This is for the artistically-inclined people who are watching this—the ones who say, “Well, I can’t just type all day or answer calls all day.” If you want to be a graphic designer and use Photoshop to create logos and imagery for different brands, this is a great opportunity for you. 

To find work in this field, you can go to three different places. You can go to, which is a really good place. The jobs usually start out pretty cheap, but once you build your portfolio, you can then charge more money. 

In addition to that, again, is always a good place to look into. 

Lastly, there’s a website called, which is like a contest for graphic designers, but if you win the job, it pays pretty well.

7) Become a Driver

I wasn’t sure if I should put this on, but I figured, you know what? It’s probably a good idea because it is still work-from-home, it just doesn’t involve sitting at a desk all day. So, number seven is to become a driver, specifically in the gig-share economy. 

Hear me out for a second; I know you know about Uber and Lyft, but there’s another website called Instacart. I use this a lot myself and I love this service. This is where you grocery shop for people and deliver their groceries to them, which is awesome. 

You can also do DoorDash or Postmates. These are the ones where you go to a restaurant, pick up food for people, and deliver it to their house. 

One that you may not have heard of is called TaskRabbit. This one goes beyond just driving to a place. You can do odds and ends projects, like a handyman does, and help people out. 

An example might be that someone says, “Hey, I need someone to help me move a couch.” You’ll give them a quote, and if they accept, you’ll drive to their house, help them with the couch, and then leave and get paid. 

It could be more complicated than that. Maybe someone says, “I need someone to install this toilet.” So, you go to the house and install the toilet. There are a lot of different possibilities, but TaskRabbit is a good way to use some low-skilled labor to make extra money.

8) Accounting

I personally can’t do this because I am not a numbers guy. You have to make sure that you’re good with numbers, that you understand all the logistics of accounting, and that you understand tax code. If you do, accounting is one of those things where all you do is the numbers and books and help with record keeping. 

If you want to do that from home, there are a lot of opportunities for that. Just like many of the other listings that I’ve already given, you could go to There are quite a few accounting jobs listed there, so go ahead and check that out.

9) Video Editor

Number nine is to become a video editor. This is for individuals who can pay close attention to detail and enjoy diving into video and being a little bit creative, like throwing in some edits that the person who shot the video didn’t know about. 

There are a lot of videos; every video on YouTube had to be edited and they needed an editor to do it. That is why editors are so important, and why there’s a lot of work out there for them. 

In terms of looking for editing jobs, again, the best place that I could find is Just go there and you will find a ton of different jobs listed from people, mostly on YouTube, looking for someone to edit their videos.

10) Web Developer

Number 10 is being a web developer. A web developer is someone who understands coding and creating websites, or maybe they understand how to create code for software. Web developers are always in high demand. 

And again, you can go over to Upwork to find a lot of good jobs listed there. You can make quite a bit of money as a web developer if you’re trained and know what you’re doing.

11) Consultant

Number 11 is to become a consultant. This is something that works really well. It worked for me personally, which is why I wanted to include it as a bonus for you guys. As a consultant, you’re helping a business with whatever it is you are an expert in. 

For me, I was able to transition out of my full-time job into a consulting gig. I was able to do that by talking to my employer and letting them know, “Hey, I’m going to leave, but I’m open to consulting.” They were happy to take me up on that offer. 

You might be in a similar situation. You could start out with your employer, and then if you’re looking for more work beyond that and want to make it a full-time consulting business, just go over to Upwork. There are a lot of job listings there, and you can apply and see what you can get.

And that’s it; those are the 10 (actually 11) different work-from-home jobs that you could do yourself and make over $100 per day. 

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